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do you curl your eyelashes? if so, what with?

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Missanneshirley Sat 12-Dec-15 20:53:53

My very old very effective eyelash curlers broke a few months ago and I just can't find anything to replace them that seems to work. I have short stumpy pale eyelashes which need all the help they can get, if I don't curl them i can barely get the mascara on!
Can anyone recommend good curlers?or do you have a good technique, maybe I have just lost the knack of doing it?!

Fluffycloudland77 Sat 12-Dec-15 20:56:16

I think the shu umera (sp) are meant to be the best but I use the tweezerman ones.

I had them permed once but one eye took better than the other so it looked a little bit odd close up.

Only1scoop Sat 12-Dec-15 20:57:49

I have the Shu U ones. If I'm totally honest I had a freebie pair in a Clarins gift a few years ago which are just as good.

Missanneshirley Sat 12-Dec-15 21:17:18

There is a top 10, who knew... independent article

Missanneshirley Sat 12-Dec-15 21:18:14

My current curlers are not on it, I note! Is there a special magic expert secret that makes them always come out well?

acsec Sat 12-Dec-15 21:20:17

I've got George at Asda ones and they work perfectly well

Only1scoop Sat 12-Dec-15 21:32:09

I'm a bit naughty I tend to apply a tiny bit of mascara first.

I just get through more of the pads smile

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sat 12-Dec-15 21:58:33

I tried loads (but not the famous Shu U ones)

BodyShop ancient pair
Mr Mascara- snapped (they were a huge chunky plastic)
Revitalash-crap. Came with a set, I'd rather have paid less and forgone the curlers
Boots- meh
BodyShop new- with a little spring- meh

I'm back to my BodyShop ancient -they do the job well (I have very scabby eyelashes)

If you use mascara first you risk them sticking but you can get away with it if you have silicone strips on your curlers.
If I want mine at their best , I use the curlers at the root,middle and ends.

Just make sure you don't pinch your eyelid <<ouch>>

LegoRuinedMyFinances Sat 12-Dec-15 22:03:18

I had heated curlers once, they were ok, but I had better results by heating my cheaply metal curlers with a hairdryer (check it's not too hot though). I always buy fairly cheap ones and use this method for fantastic curly lashes. Tends to last longer than just using the curlers.

insertimaginativeusername Tue 15-Dec-15 21:22:01


I use basic metal curlers and heat with my hairdryer. (Test on back of hand before using!)

Curl once at the root as close to the lash line as possible, curl again in the middle and again at the tip.

Curling at the root will lift then up and away and make them appear longer.

Then apply one coat of mascara brushing down the 'top' of the lashes (do this by looking down into a hand mirror)

And one or two coats brushing back up the lashes (as you would usually apply mascara)

Allow to dry between coats.

I don't recommend applying mascara before using curlers as you risk pulling some lashes out.

Hope that helps, i always get asked what brand of false lashes I'm wearing when I do this grin

TheGreenTriangle Tue 15-Dec-15 21:46:34

I've tried several and finally forked out for the Shu Uemura ones. I have short, dead straight, lashes and these are the only ones I've ever used that produces any kind of curl.

Missanneshirley Tue 15-Dec-15 23:11:21

Great tips thank you!! My eyelashes are so stubby I think it might be hard to curl in 3 different places? But I am going to try!!

DollyTwat Tue 15-Dec-15 23:17:15

The heating with a hair dryer trick works for me. Any old metal curlers will do

Cheesymonster Wed 16-Dec-15 06:33:15

Tweezerman ones here and I kind of "walk" them along my lashes about five times so there's no obvious kink.

missmartha Wed 16-Dec-15 08:16:42

I've got the Shu Uemura ones, but really the cheap ones I bought in Boots are the same if you ask me.

I've also tried that trick of putting the hair dryer on lowish and blowing your lashes up. That works really well. I think I followed a Youtube tutorial the first time.

Crunchycookie Wed 16-Dec-15 23:10:40

My boots curlers have lasted me for over 20 years. But if like you OP they broke or got lost then I would probably go for boots again or try the Shu Uemura ones but only if the boots ones didn't look similar to my other ones.

Notasinglefuckwasgiven Thu 17-Dec-15 08:31:45

I have a heated Revlon pair I've had for over a decade! Still work really well. I do root and middle which works. My eyelashes are quite thick and long-ish anyway. Metal ones I never got on with.

GoApeShit Thu 17-Dec-15 10:31:32

Another vote for Shu Uemura. You have to replace the rubber inserts fairly frequently, however (which requires buying a new pair of curlers). The hairdryer trick also makes the world of difference...followed by Lancome mascara. Bingo - fat, long lashes.

LegoRuinedMyFinances Thu 17-Dec-15 10:33:30

I'm so glad other people do the hairdryer curler trick. I thought I'd get a few WTF's when I recommended it grin

SirChenjin Thu 17-Dec-15 10:37:58

A heated wand thing - never found a pair of curlers that curled my very long, very straight lashes, so found the wand and never looked back.

mapmyface Thu 17-Dec-15 11:58:45

I warm mine with the hairdryer too!

Flambola Fri 18-Dec-15 06:34:15

I have Shu Umuera (?) curlers and they're shit on my lashes. I may as well have bought some for a quid from Poundland!

SquadGoals Fri 18-Dec-15 09:24:01

Adore my Shu Uemura ones.

I warm them up under my arm while I do the rest of my make up. Curl lasts all day.

Garlick Fri 18-Dec-15 14:15:13

I bought heated curlers and they are rubbish! Way too thick to get a neat curl where you want it.

I reckon any bog-standard metal curler will do it, and use the hairdryer for extra oomph.

Carpaccio Fri 18-Dec-15 14:44:09

I have some from eyeko - they were free with a magazine.

The are actually very good - the shape suits me (I have had some curlers in the past that would pinch me because they weren't the right shape for me) and they have better handles than the classic metal version, meaning they are easier for me to use without slipping.

I curl my lashes by using the curler as close to the lash roots as possible, then curling several times along the lashes to make sure they look curled - if I only curl in one place, it just looks like I have an unfortunate kink in the lashes.

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