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Hair gurus! Recommend me a hair-styling tool??

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yongnian Sat 12-Dec-15 13:15:16

Disclaimer: I have rubbish coordination so am not very deft. Have a mid-length layered style, hair is fine but lots of it..slight wave so can hold a curl if styled properly...
I usually use one of those electric brush thingies that give you an equivalent of using a dryer and separate brush blow out. (I can't manage the coordination to do that). My Lee Stafford one was a cheapie from TK Maxx but is falling apart. Would be prepared to spend a bit more eg GHD ££s if I knew I was going to get the right thing.
So ideally, something which will do the electric brush job...but maybe has a couple of extra options like a narrower barrel brush for more curl, and or a curling wand not good with mini straighteners for this as always end up fecking up the cord and curling the wrong way.
Any recommendations...? Yours hopefully...

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