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Starting to look my age, need to update my make up - where to start?

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Flockofsheep Sat 12-Dec-15 11:15:23

My make up routine is not sophisticated - apply foundation and cream blush with fingertips, tidy brows with brow pencil, mascara and sometimes lipstick.

I've not really changed this routine since my teens although I no longer wear orange foundation however I am starting to look my age (mid 30s) and feel like I need to overhaul my make up routine and products.

I tend to buy Rimmel, Maybelline, L'Oreal (whatever is on offer in Boots really). I once bought an expensive product (an Estee Lauder lipstick) and was really unimpressed - much prefer my Rimmel ones. I guess this put me off expensive products.

I have read on here about things like primer and highlighter - I have no idea what these are or whether I need them? Also people seem to rave about Mac make up brushes - do they really make a difference? I just use my fingers at the moment.

I tried to watch a couple of make up videos on Youtube to get ideas but was amazed at the amount of products and tools the lady used!

So, what products should I buy that will make a noticeable difference? I want to avoid spending money on expensive new make up if it's not going to be any different from my current Rimmel stuff etc.


Flockofsheep Sun 13-Dec-15 13:29:05

Anyone? grin

Chchchchangeabout Sun 13-Dec-15 13:43:13

I would go for a free makeover at one of the big brand counters in a department store. Bobbi Brown is good.

bimandbam Sun 13-Dec-15 13:52:30

What is your skincare routine like? I would look at that first to be honest. I had a consultation with clarins a couple of months ago. I have always been pretty lucky with my skin and had a basic wash with whatever doesn't make me have dry skin and moisturize with a number 7 day cream sort of routine going on.

I bought facewash, toner and moisturiser and have found a big difference. I only ever use a bit of eyeshadow, mascara and bronzer though so I notice a big difference in skin tone and texture.

Flockofsheep Sun 13-Dec-15 13:57:06

Skincare routine pretty basic - wash face (currently using Simple face wash) and moisturise

biscuitkumquat Sun 13-Dec-15 14:01:17

Agree with Chchchchangeabout & bimandbam.

If your skin is good, then you'll get away with most things.

But, go for lots of free makeovers, don't feel obliged to buy anything, and then you'll be able to make a decision.

I try to keep my facial products from the same company (ie cleanser, toner, moisturiser & foundation), but other than that, I buy whatever I like the look of!

MerdeAlor Sun 13-Dec-15 14:21:14

My make up is pretty similar to you OP but I use a primer. A spray on one by Smash Box. I spray it on after moisturising and then dust a little powder over the my face once it has dried. It keeps my make up fixed and in place for the whole day. Useful in summer.
It also refreshes and brightens make up if sprayed on top of make up.

FrustratedFrugal Sun 13-Dec-15 14:33:21

I'm 43 and did a similar switch some time ago. I need more glow these days, so I stopped using a matte full coverage foundation. I tend to go for a more natural look, but need to fill in my brows and hide age spots hyperpigmentation and dark circles. A good BB cream and Nip+Fab acid pads a few times per week have really helped with the glow. I own a highlighter but don't need it any more. I feel I'm fading a bit, so line my eyes with soft-toned eye shadow, and also use a natural-toned lip pencil.

Primer is good if your makeup tends to slide off. I have dry skin, and primer just felt suffocating and pore-clogging.

Rimmel products are really decent btw. You'll get nicer packaging if you buy more expensive items, but I feel that Rimmel and Kiko products are just as good as Chanel and Nars.

Kennington Sun 13-Dec-15 16:03:42

Yep add an illuminatoor like Dior glow max - go easy otherwise you look a bit Christmassy. Cheek bones and upper brow only though!
Sali Hughes has a nice basic book too

LilyTheSavage Sun 13-Dec-15 19:07:59

Agree with pp who recommend Bobbi Brown. Sales girls are always (IME) helpful but not pushy. Also they're not caked with orange make up and black caterpillar-like brows which I find off-putting. Quality of the products are great and not too £££.

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 13-Dec-15 19:37:23

I'd look at skincare first, like a balm cleanser plus nip+fab pads, then try foundations.

It's easier when your skins in good shape.

Lovepolkadots Sun 13-Dec-15 20:41:35

Try and watch the you tube videos from Lisa Eldridge. She is in her mid forties and and absolutely gorgeous and probably the best make up artist in the business.
Id start also by investing in good skin care and a great foundation. Treat yourself to an eyebrow treatment maybe a tidy up and or discreet tint.

thistlebefab Sun 13-Dec-15 22:31:00

Agree with watching Lisa Eldridge videos - lots of common sense advice and she uses a mix of cheap and higher-end products.

I'm 43 and only use foundation for going out... I agree with a PP about switching to a more glowy foundation as you get older, and I've recently a started using a toner as part of my morning routine which has helped enormously.

Flockofsheep Tue 15-Dec-15 17:17:05

Thanks all. Will book appointments at beauty counters as soon as my stinking cold clears up!

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