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I need some shoe help please!

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PinkSquash Sat 12-Dec-15 10:19:47

I'm going to a burlesque night with DH soon, I've chosen my dress this blue dress but I need shoes to wear with it and that's where it gets difficult.

I'm a size 9 with extra wide feet- I mainly wear DMs as they're wide enough for my feet, but I can't wear those!

I'd like a little heel, nothing too high as I'm already 5'11 and I'm self conscious enough as I'm plus size (put on 5 stone in past 12 months).

Oh and I don't have a huge budget either. I can go to £40 if they're a shoe I can wear more than the once. I can't justify it otherwise.

Really appreciate any help!

PinkSquash Sat 12-Dec-15 11:50:26

Needy bump

Bunbaker Sat 12-Dec-15 11:58:43

I love that dress. No shoe help, sorry, but that really is a gorgeous dress.

CarpetDiem Sat 12-Dec-15 11:59:08

What about these ?

Epilepsyhelp Sat 12-Dec-15 12:07:35,size:9

Might silver work?

EmilyPunkhurst Sat 12-Dec-15 12:17:57

Quite high but chunky and easy to manage?
Gold, so not sure, but absolute bargain - may still be too high
How do you feel about red?
Nice, court, wine, but no width given, so possibly too narrow

EmilyPunkhurst Sat 12-Dec-15 12:22:27

[[ Red, nice cut out]]
Silver kitten heel

PinkSquash Sat 12-Dec-15 22:22:19

Thank you all so much for the links! Carpe- I love those shoes, but they're not in a wide fit unfortunately.

Those red Evans shoes- the suedette ones have potential to be a winner though.


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