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How does Rita Ora manage to have different hair every week?

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Destinysdaughter Fri 11-Dec-15 20:50:00

I just don't understand it, one week she has a bob, then she has shaved sides, then a fringe and now v long hair! If she was black I could get it as black women use weaves, wigs etc but she has European hair. I'm v envious, wish I could change my hair that dramatically on a weekly basis but I can't. Genuinely puzzled, anyone any ideas...?

( think she looks great by the way )

snowypenguin Fri 11-Dec-15 21:15:45

I think she is very pretty but on xfactor looks like she needs a wash.

AnyFucker Fri 11-Dec-15 21:25:38


iklboo Fri 11-Dec-15 21:27:16

Just different wigs. Very good, expensive ones. But wigs.

MrsJayy Fri 11-Dec-15 21:27:55

Wigs hairpieces and dye her real hair is probably short with the shaved sides

Destinysdaughter Fri 11-Dec-15 21:38:15

But it looks so real!

megletthesecond Fri 11-Dec-15 21:40:29

Wigs. Another example is gigi hadid (long blond hair) who changed to a choppy bob for an awards thing the other week. Must take forever to do them though.

iklboo Fri 11-Dec-15 21:47:36

It's fairly easy to pop a good wig on & off. They're a bugger to look after but there'll be a wig specialist hairdresser on the hair & make up team.

iklboo Fri 11-Dec-15 21:47:56

They'll be real hair wigs.

southeastastra Fri 11-Dec-15 21:48:47

weaves? did anyone watch that chris rock documentary about afro hair? was vv informative.

Destinysdaughter Fri 11-Dec-15 21:53:07

Ooh yes I saw that doc, was fascinating!

MrsJayy Fri 11-Dec-15 21:57:38

Id love to waft about with a hairstylist tottering behind me

Notfootball Fri 11-Dec-15 22:08:10

Yep, anyone can use weaves, wigs and extensions, not just black women. Loads of white celeb have extensions too.

mirpuppet Fri 11-Dec-15 22:23:32

Some would say most celebrities use "hair additions" be they extensions, wigs, weaves.

It is very common.

Destinysdaughter Fri 11-Dec-15 22:38:27

I've sometimes worn a long ponytail which gives me instant long hair ( hurts a bit to wear tho ), I've always been a bit envious of black women and the range of styles they can wear but it also seems v time consuming, expensive and Eurocentric so probably not such a good thing if your natural hair is seen as unacceptable by many.

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