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Talk to me about capes - practical for a mum of baby and toddler?

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0utForAWalkBitch Fri 11-Dec-15 19:33:44

I really really want a cape. Have done for years.

I have a 4mo and a 3yo. Am I kidding myself that a cape is at all practical?

FrustratedFrugal Fri 11-Dec-15 19:40:57

Not very practical, unless you accessorize it with a nanny and a driver. I wear a poncho at home when I watch TV (the living room is draughty), but if you go outdoors, you'll either have to wear a cross-body bag underneath or a clutch. Also, it's tricky to lift anything.

Shantotto Fri 11-Dec-15 19:45:36

I've got a Harris tweed cape and I love it. It has buttons so you can make it have sort of sleeves. I can dangle a bag with a long strap over it on one shoulder but it does sometimes slip a bit.

DS is only 4 months but it's been excellent for wrapping round him in a sling to keep us both warm! I just do up the bottom button around him and leave the top open.

0utForAWalkBitch Fri 11-Dec-15 19:49:29

It's specifically this one I'm lusting after right now:

So it has big gaps for your arms and pockets..! grasps at straws

Shantotto Fri 11-Dec-15 19:59:53

That's lovely! Buy it!

YouGottaKeepEmSeparated Fri 11-Dec-15 20:39:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Shantotto Fri 11-Dec-15 21:26:52

Over a jumper? It's not that cold where I am in Central London at the moment. My tweed cape keeps me plenty warm enough.

Although mine does come to past my elbows so is probably warmer. It's not ideal for freezing January perhaps but there's a whole lot of the year where it's perfect - especially Spring / Autumn.

Shantotto Fri 11-Dec-15 21:31:08

Mine is like this.

YouGottaKeepEmSeparated Fri 11-Dec-15 21:37:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

0utForAWalkBitch Fri 11-Dec-15 21:57:09

Wow YouGotta, I'd be sweltered in all that! I'm in S London and I'm wearing a thin coat, sometimes just a cardi, put a scarf on today but took it off after 5 mins walking!

Shantotto, thank you for enabling me! It's in my basket right now, not progressed to buying yet.

Shantotto Fri 11-Dec-15 22:30:17

Hah I'm actually North too! I think I was just trying to say I'm somewhere that's not very cold. I'm really hot all the time ever since I gave birth. I spent a fortune on a Didrikson thinking I'd be doing loads of walking with DS but I can't wear it as I'm far too hot in it.

I really don't think it's been very cold yet here and I usually always overdress at the slightest hint of cold weather. To be fair I do use a woven wrap with baby when I go out and it makes me about as warm as the centre of the sun! And tweed is really thick! If you see a sweating person with a baby and N awkward looking pink tweed cape do say hello. fsmile

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