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Is there anything you can get to put in the back of your shoes to stop them hurting ?

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bishboschone Fri 11-Dec-15 18:50:34

Preferably that doesn't come off easily .. Thank you .

Destinysdaughter Fri 11-Dec-15 18:58:25

Have you tried Timpsons? They do a range of inserts for shoes.

biscuitkumquat Fri 11-Dec-15 18:58:40

All of my shoes hurt at the back & I used to end up either blistered or trying to fish heel grips out!

I discovered these and they are absolutely fantastic. They're not cheap, but they are worth every penny.

But, they don't come back out once they're in!

bishboschone Fri 11-Dec-15 19:02:06

Thank you , that's the sort of thing I was after . Do they stay put?

cankleofglitter Fri 11-Dec-15 19:26:20

M&S sell packs of gel heel and toe / bunion covers to stick in shoes. They're usually about £6 a pack for a range of sizes. Usually found near to the tights and socks.

doubleshotespresso Fri 11-Dec-15 23:53:45

Rub your heels with a new bar of soap !

Sallyhasleftthebuilding Fri 11-Dec-15 23:56:27

Rub a blunt knife round the heal. Lots of times. Then wear thick socks round the house/watch tv to strech them. Works wonders.

Serenite Sat 12-Dec-15 09:06:15

Foot petals are really good for this, you can get them on Amazon.

Or heat the shoe with hairdryer, put foot in with a thick sock when still warm and the shoe should mould itself to your foot as it cools. Might need to do it a few times. Be careful if patent though

Fairylea Sat 12-Dec-15 09:11:37

Compeed blister plasters are really good if the shoes are hurting because they're new. Just wear new plasters every day until you've broken the shoes in.

Bluecheese22 Sat 12-Dec-15 09:22:15

I buy chiropody felt. Only about £1.50 and you can cut to size so I get about 5 pairs worth

bishboschone Sat 12-Dec-15 14:15:04

Some great ideas , thank you... I have very tricky feet which don't like heels at all.. I spend my days in converse ( but only he ones with a padded heel) I'd love to wear heels but they hurt so much .. I thought I would try a new year wearing them more often and need a plan for this to happen ... I will attempt all the suggestions until I find one that works .. flowers

Dungandbother Sat 12-Dec-15 14:20:28

It's called a spur I think, in your heel. A bony sticky out bit. So it rubs on all shoes.

It's also to do with getting older and the way your foot rolls when you walk.

I use the clear gel sticky things mentioned but you need to slightly up your shoe size for them.

Shoes like ballet pumps are terrible for your feet. You have to claw your toes to keep them on.

Embrace the brogue trend!

specialsubject Sat 12-Dec-15 14:26:21

the answer is 'shoes that fit'.

this kind of fixit crap isn't sold for men's shoes. Strange, huh? Fugly duck walk heels WILL hurt, and don't look that good anyway.

look at Victoria Beckham's wrecked feet and legs, and learn.

bishboschone Sat 12-Dec-15 15:06:05

Bit angry specialsubject... I am old enough to decide what to wear on my feet thank you .

specialsubject Sat 12-Dec-15 22:49:16

yes, of course you are. Have fun with the painful feet.

I forget that this is MN and the bleeding obvious is not welcome. Must try pistonheads.

Petal02 Sun 13-Dec-15 13:38:47

I thought I had a heel spur, it made wearing 'normal' footwear almost impossible, I was resorting to anything soft (Skechers/trainers/slippers) or sling backs.

I decided to bite the bullet, and saw a surgeon to get it removed. It turned out that somehow my Achilles' tendon was involved in the problem, and ended up having the spur removed, and a hook inserted into my Achilles to keep everything together and working properly.

I spent a few months after the op in footwear's 'twilight zone' but once I was properly recovered I never looked back.

bishboschone Sun 13-Dec-15 15:08:10

I googled heel spur and I don't think I have this , it's just the skin the shoes rub against.. I wore my quite high shoe boots last night dancing and they were fine . I have ordered a few of the options below to try on other heels .

splodgeness Fri 18-Dec-15 17:14:40

Also try giving the shoes a good bending. Fold the back down and inwards to "break" the stiff insides, and repeat a few times until they become more flexible. I have been known to take a hammer to the back of shoes.

specialsubject - yes men do have this problem too.

bishboschone Fri 18-Dec-15 21:55:54

Good idea about the hammer ! Thanks

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