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Any other wheelchair users or people who sit down a lot...

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KitKats28 Fri 11-Dec-15 17:10:53

....who can recommend a winter coat?

I've read through a few winter coat threads, but I would like some help from other wheelchair users to find something warm, waterproof-ish and comfy. I'd like to spend less than £200 and I'd like it to last a long time.

I'm thinking anyone who commutes on the bus or train in their winter coat could also help as it's the sitting down in it that's the issue. I don't want anything that bunches round the middle.

I get very cold in my chair and I don't like wearing lots of layers as they are constricting, so I want a coat that is very warm without needing to wear jumpers under it.

Oh, and I'd prefer a removable hood too please.

If anyone can find me the perfect coat I will be eternally grateful!

WowOoo Fri 11-Dec-15 17:17:56

I can't recommend you a coat for now, sorry.

But what I do recommend is buying the perfect coat that's massively reduced in the summer. For next year maybe? I got mine for under £200 but it cost a lot more in the winter. It's boiling when you're in a heated area though, that's the downside to it's ultra warmness.

Have you tried hiking/walking/ mountain outdoorsy type websites?

KitKats28 Fri 11-Dec-15 17:32:19

Thanks yes I've had a look at the mountain-type websites. There's so much choice though. I've never spent this much money on an item of clothing so I don't want to make an expensive mistake!

CMOTDibbler Fri 11-Dec-15 17:44:42

How would you feel about something like this? I have a few lands end down coats and they are very cosy without being bulky or restrictive. If the coat has a double zip (not sure if thats the word, but you know when they have two zip pulls so you can unzip the bottom) then you would get a better fit I think.
LE customer services are super helpful (to the extent that when I was in splints, they measured the sleeve width to see if I could get a coat on), so you could call them and ask them if particular coats/jackets have the right zip. They also have a lifetime no quibble return policy which would mean you could return if it doesn't work for you even if you've worn it a few times.

KitKats28 Fri 11-Dec-15 17:47:21

Thank you CMOT. I'd never even thought about undoing a bottom zip. That's a brilliant idea. Also thank you for the Lands End link. I dint even realise they had a UK website.

Youremywifenow Fri 11-Dec-15 18:28:38

I can recommend this brand although you may not like this one:

I have a long black one and it is so warm and comfy and you can undo the zip from the bottom, really good quality down filling. TK Maxx have Malvin in quite a lot although only 2 on site at the moment they may have some in store. It's German, I love the black parka they have in atm.

What sort of thing do you want? smart, puffy etc?

KitKats28 Fri 11-Dec-15 20:50:24

I'm not too bothered about smart, but I don't want to look like a sack of shit tied in the middle either. Basically I just need to be warm.

This is my third winter as a wheelchair user and I've gone from a size 8 when I was able bodied to a size 14 now, so it's difficult finding stuff for my new shape as well as the fact I'm sitting down all the time!

When I walked to and from work (in a bar/restaurant) at all hours in the freezing cold, I would just pile on layers under whatever random cheap coat looked nice.

The difference in a chair (especially an electric like I use) is that you are not actually moving your body and you get SO cold.

I'm still relatively young (early 40s) and most adaptive clothing is frankly frumpy. Maybe I should start my own blog.....Wheels with Style!!

CMOTDibbler Fri 11-Dec-15 21:23:54

I was thinking that a swing coat might work well for you as an alternative- you could even go for something long and furry. If you had someone alter it to split it right up to waist level at the back, possibly folding it round so that you weren't sitting on it then it would be really cosy. But I think the swing shape wouldn't bunch up anyway.

CFSKate Sat 12-Dec-15 08:51:05

Have you got a wheelchair cosy?

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