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Does anyone know a good hair salon in Cambridge or Newmarket?

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Thaila Thu 10-Dec-15 21:03:52

Hi, I am desperate to get my hair cut and coloured, as it's in a bit of a state. I've had some bad experiences with hair salons in the past. I want to find a good hair salon that isn't too expensive. I don't know where to begin in finding one. Can anyone recommend a good salon in either Newmarket or Cambridge that won't break the bank?


didireallysaythat Thu 10-Dec-15 21:11:38

Not sure about break the bank, where I go to might be expensive for colouring (I just get a cut twice a year). Philip Helliar in Cambridge.... I can tell where I'd avoid though !

ScOffasDyke Thu 10-Dec-15 21:15:42

The Company, behind the police station in Cambridge. Ask for the lovely Simon.
V reasonable prices.
01223 516768

faustina Thu 10-Dec-15 22:09:30

Johnmichael in Newmarket are ok. here

2legit2knit Thu 10-Dec-15 22:14:47

Scruffs in Cambridge is good.

Bouncey Thu 10-Dec-15 22:48:29

Philip Helliar is really good - I have rubbish hair (fine and flat) and they made it look fab. It's expensive though but worth it in my book. Not that impressed with Scruffs - but I do have rubbish hair so probably not the salon's fault

building2015 Fri 11-Dec-15 09:49:59

Love Scruffs.

Thaila Fri 11-Dec-15 22:11:52

Thank you all for your suggestions. I will have a look into these. I've not had my hair cut or coloured in over a year and it looks awful, plus it's falling out as I recently had a baby. I've never needed a cut and colour so much!

CheekyBambino Fri 11-Dec-15 22:45:01

I love Scruffs too!

rudolphatethemincepies Fri 11-Dec-15 23:33:17

I have been going to Venus in Newmarket for 15 years and always get compliments after I've had my hair done.

Churchillian Fri 11-Dec-15 23:40:20

Frederick on Mitcham's Corner in Cambridge - ask for Rhys. Don't go to Scruffs - really renowned locally for being rubbish. I had to have my hair recut the one time I tried them, it was uneven and unflattering.

Runkittyrun Sat 12-Dec-15 00:16:00

If you can travel to Ely then the Moore Hair Company is good, free parking too. Leah does excellent colour.

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