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Any idea how i can fix this problem without more bleach? Bright hair colour related.

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flanjabelle Thu 10-Dec-15 07:42:55

I have bright red/pink hair that I dyed when I had a platinum disaster, you may remember my thread.

I have a problem. My natural dirty blonde roots aren't taking the bright dye any where near as well as the rest of the bleached hair. I therefore have lighter roots than the rest of my hair and although it's not awful yet as there is only about a cm of growth, it's going to look terrible as it gets longer.

I don't want to bleach anymore, my poor hair can't take it! What can I do?? I wouldn't mind if the roots are a bit darker than the rest, but it looks terrible being lighter, almost like a bald strip.


flanjabelle Thu 10-Dec-15 07:45:45

My scalp is still red as I only dyed it last night, but can you see the lighter bits at the roots? It looks worse after the first hair wash and the scalp is normal coloured again.

AlisonWunderland Thu 10-Dec-15 07:49:40

Won't the red fade?
When I dyed mine blonde, the fading meant the roots weren't as bad a contrast as I expected

flanjabelle Thu 10-Dec-15 07:59:09

It does fade, but I keep having to dye it again as the roots show, then I have this problem. but if I only do the roots I will have a darker band where it crosses over onto already dyed hair.

flanjabelle Thu 10-Dec-15 07:59:55

And the roots fade faster than the rest as the hair is less porous and doesn't hold the dye as well.

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