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Silver / gold / glittery raincoat

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CruCru Wed 09-Dec-15 23:00:00

I am looking for a Christmas present for my nanny and think she would love this. Does anyone know where I could get such a thing? She is about a 12/14.


Tate15 Wed 09-Dec-15 23:13:54

Only if your nanny is Pat Butcher.

Tate15 Wed 09-Dec-15 23:17:00

This looks like a sauna jacket

Tate15 Wed 09-Dec-15 23:18:57

Maybe this

Hope she is slim or she will look like a turkey wrapped in foil.

Tate15 Wed 09-Dec-15 23:19:53

Just reread your op and she isn't that slim. Why do you think glittery?

CruCru Wed 09-Dec-15 23:58:48

She's a singer / songwriter and wears a lot of silver on stage. I was thinking that a silver raincoat would be something she could bung on over her stage gear.

CruCru Thu 10-Dec-15 00:03:00

Cool - I've just ordered the Amazon one (it's meant to be a small present to go alongside her Christmas bonus).

CruCru Thu 10-Dec-15 00:03:12

Thanks all!

traviata Thu 10-Dec-15 00:07:00

Does it have to be new?

this one is too small but it may give you some ideas.

or this.

big range of prices

What's your budget?

CruCru Thu 10-Dec-15 00:20:03

Ah thanks traviata. I love the first but yes, it's probably too small.

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