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Curling tongs?

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TheWrathofNaan Tue 08-Dec-15 21:31:25

Best device for a teen to curl her hair?

Any recommendations?

thecrimsonpetal Tue 08-Dec-15 21:39:57

This is really pricey but looks absolutely brilliant, so much easier than traditional tongs. I really want one:

In reality I do actually have this, much much cheaper, and still nice:

TheWrathofNaan Tue 08-Dec-15 22:19:11

Hello Crimson

I think the wand looks great! Can't believe how expensive the other device is!

Thankyou for the tips!

RaptorsCantPlayPoker Tue 08-Dec-15 22:55:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Blueturquoise Thu 10-Dec-15 08:43:16

I have the wand - word of warning - I keep burning my finger tips and anni have think hair it takes ages to style or curl

Maybe not an issue for your dd.

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