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Shoes advice for this green dress

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Naicecuppatea Mon 07-Dec-15 21:32:28

Would black or silver sandals be the best do you think, and what about tights?

Naicecuppatea Mon 07-Dec-15 21:32:58

Thank you in advance!

MrsBertMacklin Mon 07-Dec-15 21:36:24

Where is the dress from, please?

Not helpful, sorry, but I quite fancy it.

Naicecuppatea Mon 07-Dec-15 21:39:58

Topshop. It looks lovely on, and I don't look lovely in much!

KateSpadeAddict Mon 07-Dec-15 21:41:51

Black tights, black shoes or no tights and gold/bronze shoes ☺️

pnutter Mon 07-Dec-15 21:44:50

Lovely dress . Nude or no tights (fake tan) with gold peep toes or strappy shoes?

iwannadancewithsomebody Mon 07-Dec-15 22:13:37

Gold sandals with bare legs or black shoe boots with black tights?

Lovely dress!

Naicecuppatea Tue 08-Dec-15 10:09:03

Thanks all! Will go for gold/pewter sandals with no tights.

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