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If not a bumbag ...

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interrobang Sat 05-Dec-15 23:01:29

I don't like to carry a shoulder bag as I need both hands free to scramble after the kids. I have a big bag for nappies but if I'm somewhere I need to not lug that about (e.g. the hell that is softplay) I'd prefer to not leave my valuables. I don't like bulging pockets, so any solutions please? I only need something to house my phone, a couple of credit cards. keys, and small amount of cash.

Tate15 Sun 06-Dec-15 01:20:53

Small rucksack?

iwishiwasatthepark Sun 06-Dec-15 07:49:20

I have something very similar to this and it works well.

chanie44 Sun 06-Dec-15 08:43:02

Cross body bag

I bought one specifically for that reason. Mine can fit my keys, phone, money, but is small enough not to get in my way. It's great.

chanie44 Sun 06-Dec-15 08:44:50


My bag is a bit smaller than the fossil bag in the link, but the same idea.

Tk maxx can be good for stuff like that.

interrobang Sun 06-Dec-15 17:00:43

Thanks. I still feel the rucksack/cross body bag is a little restrictive/needs hands. Good idea re tkmaxx, they always have all sorts - will go browse.
Still thinking I may be able to carry off a bum bag! fgrin

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