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Advice on starter make up for dd

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northender Fri 04-Dec-15 09:17:04

Be gentle with me, I don't often venture onto S&B grin. Dd is 11 and wants to start experimenting a bit with make up at home. I don't have a problem with this but I'm not much of a make up wearer (use make up no more than once a month!) and have very little. I want to buy her some bits for Christmas and then get somebody else to teach her how to use it!! I want to buy reasonable quality stuff but without paying a fortune. So, I would welcome your thoughts on what to start with & what brand(s) to go for.

madmother1 Fri 04-Dec-15 09:19:24

My 15 year old DD uses Boots no7 natural.

Cookiecake Fri 04-Dec-15 09:22:36

I think if it was me I would start very basic. This would be lipgloss, pale shades of lipstick, mascara maybe and some eyeshadow. I don't think I would be buying foundation or that sort of product personally.

Boots no7 natural sounds good.

defineme Fri 04-Dec-15 09:28:29

I think she might be a little young for this, but my friend took her 13 yrold to the no7 counter in boots and they gave her a make over and explained how to use everything.
My 10 year old cajoles her aunts and grandmas into giving her make up and then watches zoella etc about how to apply it. My only involvement has been to make sure she's make up free when she leaves the house and buy some make up remover!

Hangingbasket14 Fri 04-Dec-15 09:33:51

If you have a Bobbi Brown store near you they do a lesson for teens, very basic I would imagine but might help and if your only buying 3 or so items won't be too expensive.

flowery Fri 04-Dec-15 09:36:20

I bought my (then) 11yo niece a Bobbi Brown palette last Christmas.

Seeyounearertime Fri 04-Dec-15 09:38:38

Maybe you could get her a 1 to 1 training session with a make up artist in your local area for Christmas?
Give her a good base knowledge to get started and then artist would suggest what products to start with etc.

If all else fails, £1land sell make up smile
Some of it isnt great but it does the job for practice, messing around, etc.
Nail varnishes are good, eye shadows do the job but theyre not particularly bright or long lasting, lipsticks applied with brush are okayish I guess. liquid foundation isn't very good, its like they've bought a proper foundation and added more water.

northender Fri 04-Dec-15 09:48:54

Thanks for all your responses, I'll have a look at the No7 Natural range. No Bobbi Brown outlets locally. She definitely doesn't need foundation at the moments, perfect, clear skin to die for!

DirtyBlonde Fri 04-Dec-15 10:06:12

Try MUA (Superdrug)

You could get an eyeshadow palette, a lippie set and a mascara for under a tenner and they are good products.

DirtyBlonde Fri 04-Dec-15 10:08:03

And YY to the poster who mentioned remover! Definitely get some, and cotton wool pads too.

HeadDreamer Fri 04-Dec-15 10:12:19

I also second MUA from superdrug too. Cheap and good quality. And definitely some proper makeup remover too. I would suggest a oil based makeup remover, followed by a normal cleanser. aka, Caroline Hirons double cleansing

Youtube will have a lot of make up videos. She doesn't need foundations and concealers yet. Just play with 'colours' at that age. The beauty of youth smile

northender Fri 04-Dec-15 11:08:25

Okay, will look at MUA too. Make up remover and cotton wool pads will be good stocking fillers too smile. Love MN

worldgonecrazy Fri 04-Dec-15 11:19:15

I agree with the comments about taking her to a professional, either hire one or get a make over done at a department store. Mac and Bobbi Brown are really good. It will help her avoid some of the common pitfalls of teenage make up - pancake foundation, spidery mascara, etc.

Dancergirl Fri 04-Dec-15 11:41:43

An 11 year old having a make up lesson?? shock

She's ELEVEN. Sorry but that's madness. Looking back to when I was a teen we weren't taken for make up lessons. We bought bits and pieces and experimented at home or with friends as teens should. Getting it a bit wrong is all part of the learning curve. Plus we didn't have all the online resources that are available now.

OP - there's loads of stuff on You Tube, my dd is a bit older but likes Zoella and Tanya Burr. You can save the professional make up session for her 16th birthday or something.

Fabsolutely Fri 04-Dec-15 12:31:54

At that age it should be about having fun with it, I think, rather than trying to improve your looks or look older/sophisticated. So definitely no foundation and nothing too grown-up. I would go for something like electric blue or green eyeliner, and maybe a bit of clear lip gloss and some glittery nails.

chipsandpeas Fri 04-Dec-15 12:44:03

i was also going to suggest MUA - its pretty good quality and cheap

then she can go onto youtube and look at videos

mewkins Fri 04-Dec-15 14:15:40

Mua or Sleek are good. I agree about letting her experiment with crazy eyeshadow etc and try things out. Barry M also do fab glitter pots.

BoboChic Fri 04-Dec-15 14:19:26

My DD is 11. She has a few Sephora eyeshadows and some mascara and a bit of lipgloss. And some nail varnish.

Not that she really ever wears any of it, apart from to parties.

enderwoman Fri 04-Dec-15 14:22:17

My 12 year old is a Rimmel fan.

She has learned how to wear makeup through practice and watching beauty blogs. She wouldn't enjoy a professional lesson- the fun is discovering what suits and what doesn't on her own (and by observing other girls her age)

BoboChic Fri 04-Dec-15 14:26:05

DD had a lot of fun last summer going to a Benefit counter and being made up. That could be a fun present - a Benefit voucher that she can redeem against products after a lesson.

northender Fri 04-Dec-15 18:54:32

Thanks for all the advice and ideas. dancergirl for reasons I don't want to go into on here I don't want dd to experience "getting it wrong as part of her learning curve", that's why I came on here to ask for advice. I'm sure she'll get tips from youtube etc but I wouldn't rule out taking her to a make up counter for a mini makeover (although may well save that for when she's a bit older)

Chimchar Fri 04-Dec-15 19:12:39

Wilkos have millions of bits and pieces of make up...little eye shadow applicators, brushes, cotton wool pads etc

Perfect for stocking fillers.

My dd is just 12 and watches YouTube. Her basics are lip gloss, mascara, bit of blusher and a bit of eyeshadow, all in very neutral, sparkly colours.

Dancergirl Fri 04-Dec-15 19:14:49

Fair enough OP, personally I don't see anything so terrible at trying stuff out for themselves and wiping it off and starting again but so be it.

Dreamgirls234 Fri 04-Dec-15 19:17:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sparkletastic Fri 04-Dec-15 19:22:11

No to No7 - naffinski.
Yes to MUA, Sleek, Kiko and MAC for treats.
DD1 (12) is a makeup fan like her mother and has mastered the natural look quickly so doesn't get into trouble at school.

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