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Simple, every day stud earrings - where do you get yours?

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teacher1984 Thu 03-Dec-15 22:33:43

I feel naked without earrings but am forever losing them so want to buy a bucketload. Must be inexpensive! Where do you get yours?

Seeyounearertime Fri 04-Dec-15 00:06:30

Elizabeth Duke.... Argos

Also. Amazon.
On a side note:
I actually really like the little huggie type and theyre secure and cheap as chips: (hope this link works)

Seeyounearertime Fri 04-Dec-15 00:08:46

Bonus post yay:

Are what I currently have in. grin

misskelly Fri 04-Dec-15 00:44:40

M&S have some really nice ones in at the moment, really good quality but pretty cheap.

BrendaandEddie Fri 04-Dec-15 05:33:21

Argos. Fake diamonds. Three for about £12

GoApeShit Fri 04-Dec-15 05:43:30

Accessorize. Fab selection and very reasonably priced.

AuntieStella Fri 04-Dec-15 06:57:31

I used to be a big fan of the Argos ones, and even used to travel to a specific branch with a jewellery counter. Then - without telling anyone - they stopped staffing that counter. So I had to queue 4 times to buy earrings (as I wanted to look at them before purchase).

Never again.

If you're ears are OK with any metal, try Accessorize and Claire's (both have ranges in sterling silver as well). You can get good multipacks from both.

DD loses earrings frequently (keeps forgetting to put them back in after PE lessons) so we've looked at all sorts of places for cheapos (as I've banned her from wearing good ones to school until she can keep track of them better). Superdrug ones look ok too.

WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeG0es Fri 04-Dec-15 07:08:19

I wear the huggy hoop type as well, they are really secure and don't catch on anything.

BrendaandEddie Fri 04-Dec-15 07:30:32

why never again?

NotExactlyHappyToHelp Fri 04-Dec-15 07:31:09

I get mine in Warren James. They're sterling silver so don't go ratty and under a tenner.

BrendaandEddie Fri 04-Dec-15 07:33:57

i like the stella and dot marlin one s- anyone seen these in rl or cheaper?

AuntieStella Fri 04-Dec-15 07:37:39

Because I went for counter service, and instead had to queue four times for one purchase.

If you want to look at the item before buying, ARGOS is now a PITA as they ended counter service without informing customers that they were doing so. As only some branches had them anyhow, I had planned particularly to get some stuff whist I was travelling to the place which had one. I won't be showing that sort of loyalty again, and will buy instead from Accessorize etc.

whirlybird42 Fri 04-Dec-15 07:46:39

I always wondered who the hell used those counters at Argos. It's hardly a luxury experience to be choosing jewellery while kids race round and the posh lady orders people to their collection points. confused

TrulySweet Fri 04-Dec-15 07:59:22

Silver by mail do some gorgeous studs and are very reasonable.

AuntieStella Fri 04-Dec-15 08:02:52

I didn't want a luxury experience, I just wanted to be able to look at the (budget) jewellery - or try on a ring for size - before buying. And was happy to go to the specific branch where I could (at a counter, no need to go to collection point)

(With no counter, it's queue request viewing, wait/queue at collection point/inspect at collection point (no mirrors, unlike at a counter), queue again to pay, wait/queue again to collect - shudders at memory)

I'm sure they made the (unannounced) business change for reasons that make sense to them. But it doesn't suit me and I won't be buying jewellery from them again. I'm happy with the other places I go to now.

Sallyhasleftthebuilding Fri 04-Dec-15 08:03:11

Type sterile earings in ebay. Thay are the ones you poerve ears with. cheap gold and can be brought in bulk.

hugoagogo Fri 04-Dec-15 08:04:22

Silverado has a nice selection.

Petal02 Fri 04-Dec-15 09:06:22

M&S do a very nice range - I got a pair of pearl studs (fake, obviously) that are neat and discrete, for £5. They're great!

Seeyounearertime Fri 04-Dec-15 09:25:27

Lmao @ whirly grin

I don't think people shop at Argos for a 'Luxury Experience'
Mind you I wouldn't shop anywhere that offered a 'Luxury Experience' because it'd mean over inflated and ridiculous prices.

Debenhams have some nice Plain studs too for less than £10
I really like these:
But theyre not plain, plain. Iyswim.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 04-Dec-15 09:39:23

eBay and QVC for mine
DD wears studs for school, I buy silver for her (I had allergies to non silver when I got mine done)

I bought her some silver CZ studs from Debenhams that were nice.

I've had to return earrings to Claires - and endure the "we can't exchange " because there was a sharp bit on the post that made my ear bleed. (I waited holding up the queue till they refunded. Not fit for purpose)

I had a bad experience with Argos years ago when the stone came out (they glued it in and shoved it back at me) I stood there until the manager refunded me. Again Not Fit For Purpose .

Accessorise are pretty but fragile.

Sainsburys have silver ones but if they are claw set they are fine. Glued ones , the stones fall out.

SheHasAWildHeart Fri 04-Dec-15 11:43:01

I find the earrings in New Look and Dorothy Perkins to be lovely.

carrie74 Fri 04-Dec-15 13:53:46

I've got diamond studs (I'm actually onto the 4th pair as kept losing them - lots of insurance claims over the years). On my latest pair, I had the shop turn them into screw backs so they can't fall out. I wear them day in day out now, with no worries about them being lost. Just an idea in case you did want to invest but were worried about losing them.

accessorize do a range of sterling silver which are not too pricey and i find them really good. i wear a pair of hoops from their silver range all the time unless i choose to change them each day and i sleep in them as well and haven't had any issues with alleric reactions or anything and i am sensitive to loads of suff, especially non sterling silver or gold jewellery

keeponkeepinon Sat 05-Dec-15 08:23:22

This is a good thread, I've not worn earrings for years and I would like to start again. All the pretty ones in the clothes shops are no good for me as they make my ears flare up instantly. Has to be sterling silver or gold. I thought Dorothy Perkins used to have a range of sterling but I can't find any nowadays but I know if I buy any of their cheaper range my ears will hurt. I'm going to look up some of these places.

mammmamia Sat 05-Dec-15 14:43:29

Good thread.
I have had some diamond studs for about ten years that I wore every day but have sadly recently lost them.
Do people sleep in their studs or remove them at night?

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