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Hair is really curly underneath but dead straight on top. What haircut/style do you recommend?

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BettyBi0 Thu 03-Dec-15 12:06:16

Help I'm having a total self esteem fail. I've got post-pregnancy hair with fluffy bits all around my face. It's very thick and tight waves/curls underneath but dead straight on top and at the front so it just looks ridiculous.

I've not had it cut for years and wear it back in a mum bun or pony tail every day and with the added joy of the fluffy frizzy halo around the front I just look awful. Hair is roughly one length and past my boobs at the mo

What kind of cuts or styles to people recommend? It has to be low maintenance and not require straightening as I'd never find time for that.

Grok Thu 03-Dec-15 19:23:09

Tbh I'd make an appt at the salon and ask a pro. Sounds like you need a trim at the very least anyway. Get a basic cut which will keep your hair healthy and with some shape it will also be easier to wash and go. Keep length so you can still tie it back but add some layers (think Jennifer Anniston). If your hair is naturally curly, I'd go to a stylist with curly hair who understands how to cut your hair.

You could also invest in some products to treat your hair if it is dry or smoothing paste that can tame those curly bits.

Lastly try out some basic accessories like headbands to wear your hair down more so you're not damaging it by always tying it back - with added benefit of keeping the fluffy bits off your face.

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