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Ideas needed for dressed up but not too dressed up please

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TychosNose Wed 02-Dec-15 14:21:23

I've got a few occasions coming up, one is fil's 70th birthday dinner, and I have no idea what to wear.

Day to day I wear jeans n jumpers, obv too casual (scruffy), and on very rare nights out, i wear something a bit too clubby/ott/revealing for a naice restaurant with family.

So what's good for in between?

No dresses because I need boob access for bf. No specific bf tops required, just something that can be pulled up.

Please help in clueless.

Geepee71 Wed 02-Dec-15 14:59:48

How about a pair of smart jeans and wear with a dressy top and blazer type combo?

WilburIsSomePig Wed 02-Dec-15 15:02:53

How about coated jeans, 'going out' top, blazer and heels? Put with some nice jewellery this looks great and not too over the top.

EverybodyHatesATourist Wed 02-Dec-15 16:13:02

Mint Velvet is good for this sort of thing. I'm a jeans-with-everything person so their stuff isn't too different from my normal style but is that bit smarter.

keely79 Wed 02-Dec-15 16:14:45

How about jacquard midi skirt, heels and jumper on top.

Gruach Wed 02-Dec-15 16:15:55

Jumpsuit in a nice fabric with zip or button front.

Everywhere has them.

TychosNose Wed 02-Dec-15 18:47:58

Mint velvet is probably a good starting point.
Going out top might be a bit much skin on show when I take the blazer off. Jumpsuit definitely too much for me.
Like the idea of skirt/heels/jumper.
Haven't worn heels in yonks. hope I don't fall over!

MaybeDoctor Wed 02-Dec-15 19:34:06

I think blazer is the way to go, over a breastfeeding top. Plus some sparkly jewellery.

unicorn501 Wed 02-Dec-15 20:55:12

I got this top from Oasis at the weekend and had lots of compliments- wore it with jeans and heels

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