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Dying highlighted hair brown.

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Itsbloodydarkoutside Wed 02-Dec-15 09:20:33

I want to dye my blonde highlights back to a goldenish brown. They're so expensive to keep up, it's getting ridiculous. Can I just do it myself with a box dye? I'm scared it'll go green! But I also don't want to go to the hairdresser either (why do they all close so early?! I'm never home before 7 and can never get anything late enough)

Neveradullm0ment Wed 02-Dec-15 17:17:08

I would imagine - having done this myself and gone green - you would be best off with a temporary wash in a light golden brown _ I use one at the moment from Nice and Easy - it has no peroxide or ammonia in it. It coloured my bleached bits nicely. I'm growing out my ombre though. I did actually ask in another post if temporary colours are okay to use on a long-term basis. I think they are.

Itsbloodydarkoutside Wed 02-Dec-15 17:46:01

So a semi permanent instead of permanent? I've heard the semi ones are less harsh so I guess that makes sense. Thanks for your help smile

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 02-Dec-15 18:53:39

I use permenant dye (my hair is short, cut every 6 weeks and dyed every 3 weeks or so)

I'm naturally a mid brown, I use a blonde dye to make my hair coppery. Every so often I use highlights ( IIRC last time was late August so they're long gone now)

I've done highlights then dyed after and my hair went brown sad the highlighted hai just grabbed the colour but I didn't go green grin

Any mistakes though I'd overdye and it would be cropped out anyway.

With longer hair you have to consider the overlap of dye.

I have some of the Superdrugs wash in (in red) and I might be brave enough to try this soon !

Itsbloodydarkoutside Wed 02-Dec-15 19:01:31

I've got about an inch of roots showing just now, should I start with the dye there for an extra few minutes? God I'm so nervous about this, I've been highlighted blonde for 4 years now so it's a big change grin

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 02-Dec-15 19:20:25

The dye is use suggests applying to the roots first , then in the last 10 minutes to apply to the length.

By the time I've worked my way through, the roots have longer anyway.

You should do a strand test really , to see how the colour will take on each part. I'm guessing you don't want a PixieCut if it all goes Pete Tong wink

Dungandbother Wed 02-Dec-15 20:30:40

No sure if helpful but I only get highlights done twice a year.

My home hairdresser puts my blonde box dye on the new roots after 6 weeks NEVER THE ENDS.

The 6 weeks repeatedly after that, I box dye my roots only NOT THE ENDS.

I use light ash blonde 9.1 and no one can tell. The highlight line is so minuscule.
Don't put it on the ends! That turns them green!

If you want to go darker, I'd get the professionals in. Sorry.

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