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Dd wants curly hair!! Can you recommend a curling tongs or similar please?

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Chimchar Tue 01-Dec-15 21:11:46

Getting them as a gift for Christmas.

Dd is 12. Has really beautiful thick hair, past her shoulders. She wants something to give her hair individual curls as opposed to tumbling fat ones if that makes sense?!

I've had a look on Argos and Boots, but there are so many different types including ones that look like anal beads , I have no idea what to go for.

Any advice most welcome! Thanks. 😊

I love my curl secret, its the easiest gadget I have ever used but its costly. maybe those bendy rollers or twisting hair into small buns with soft scrunchies would give the individual curl look. I don't like using heat appliances too much as they dry my hair so when its almost dry I twist into a high bun and leave overnight, when it comes out in the morning I have lovely waves, smaller versions of this give tighter curls. like the old rag curlers used by my grandma.

FATEdestiny Tue 01-Dec-15 22:05:18

Have you thought about curling noodles instead? Much less damaging to her young hair.

Put in wet hair at bedtime. Leave in overnight, lovely curls by morning.

Cost £1 for a pack of 8 (full head of thick hair might want 2 or 3 packs) from places like Poundland or Family Bargains etc.

Chimchar Wed 02-Dec-15 00:07:17

Thanks both...I hadn't thought about the damage to her hair. My hair has been really short for the last 20 odd years. not much need for heated styling thingies!

Those bendy rollers sound great. Are they the things that look a bit like nerf bullets?! grin

cathyandclaire Wed 02-Dec-15 08:07:59

DD2 has this one Baby curls it's great for a ringlet type look, they also have bigger barrels (which DD1 has0 which give a bigger/wavier look and I think one in between! They do get hot and there is potential for burning but they supply a heat proof glove. Having said that DD has used hers since 13 and never burnt herself unlike her cack-handed mother

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