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Please help - lovely Christmas ideas FOR ME

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teawamutu Tue 01-Dec-15 18:31:29

Dh nagging me. I'm about to be 40, two youngish dc and work ft so knackered.

Love bags, boots, clothes but have too many.

Is there a lovely indulgent thing that will make me feel elegant, put together or fabulous without costing £££?

SecretBondGirl Tue 01-Dec-15 18:37:54

A deep massage, facial, manicure, pedicure and if u can stretch to it a hair restyle

Sparkletastic Tue 01-Dec-15 18:39:08


teawamutu Tue 01-Dec-15 18:41:40

Love the idea of treatments. Dh did offer spa day with friend/mum but tbh I'd rather have a day alone blush

gBean Tue 01-Dec-15 18:44:15

I don't understand the concept of too many bags/boots.

teawamutu Tue 01-Dec-15 18:52:28

Well no, me either but I guess it can look like 'another one for the pile'...

BoJolly Tue 01-Dec-15 18:56:48

A lovely pair of cashmere gloves and/or a cashmere scarf.

Potterwolfie Tue 01-Dec-15 19:13:04

Luxury socks in cashmere or merino, a rally nice pen, new pyjamas, gorgeous chunky scarf, slippers, Jo Malone smellies, a new watch. . .fsmile

Allgunsblazing Tue 01-Dec-15 19:19:36

A haircut. Seriously.
Failing that, some diamonds smile

slug Tue 01-Dec-15 19:28:18

My lovely friend bought me a Hermes scarf for my birthday. I was a bit non plussed as I'm definitely not a Hermes scarf sort of person. However, I've come to treasure it as it adds a certain 'something' to many outfits and I'm surprised at how versatile it is.

teawamutu Thu 03-Dec-15 17:57:33

Decision made and hints dropped:
A leather notebook cover I will use and love every day.
Becksondergaard scarf
Wonder woman Converse

Don't shoot me down for the latter, I will feel cheerful every time I wear them..

MrsMillions Thu 03-Dec-15 18:50:28

I see you're sorted but for future reference I highly recommend a spa day on your own. Did it on my birthday last year, 'twas bliss. Only reason I didn't repeat this year was being 8 months pregnant with DD2.

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