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What to wear with sleeveless party dress?

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Euphemia Tue 01-Dec-15 17:33:18

I have an emerald green skater dress with a jewelled neckline for the work's Christmas night out (dinner in a restaurant) and I need something to wear with it so I don't freeze.

I have lovely warm coats, but I need something for sitting in the restaurant. Any ideas?

Knackeredknitter67 Tue 01-Dec-15 18:34:26

Do you have a biker jacket?

Knackeredknitter67 Tue 01-Dec-15 18:34:45

Thats what I would wear, but I know nothing...

Knackeredknitter67 Tue 01-Dec-15 18:36:09

Mainly because I have a new one from Whistles that I got over the weekend and am itching to wear it....
Realise I could have put all this in one post, but kids are bugging me

Euphemia Tue 01-Dec-15 18:41:36

No I don't have a biker jacket. fgrin

strawberryandaflake Tue 01-Dec-15 18:50:37

You won't freeze in a restaurant. Sounds like what you have will be fine on it's own. grin

HappyGirlNow Tue 01-Dec-15 19:22:22

Is the restaurant unheated? grin

Euphemia Tue 01-Dec-15 19:35:22

The restaurant is in NE Scotland, so it could well be freezing! There'll be a draught every time the door opens at least!

I'm not going out in just a dress and coat, in Scotland, in December!

hugoagogo Tue 01-Dec-15 21:28:27

I suppose your'e looking for a specific recommendation? rather than

'a cardigan' grin

Euphemia Tue 01-Dec-15 21:44:15

Yes smile

I've seen frumptastic "cover ups", and similar with no warmth in them. I feel sure there's the ideal thing out there somewhere!

MrsBertMacklin Tue 01-Dec-15 21:48:30

What's the shape of the neckline? I'd say scarf/wrap for a low neckline, actual clothing, shrug or bomber cardigan, for a high/boatneck.

hugoagogo Tue 01-Dec-15 22:07:41

it's difficult to find something that doesn't swamp your dress, would it look daft if you wore a thin long sleeved thermal top underneath? (heatgen/uniqlo)

this is one of the many reasons I don't do sleeveless.

MelanieCheeks Tue 01-Dec-15 23:31:43

I am wearing right now, over a sleeveless black dress, a gold cardigan/ shrug. It doesn't fasten like a cardi, but has full length sleeves and a shawl collar.

Not much help that I got it years ago in a teddington boutique....

HappyGirlNow Wed 02-Dec-15 00:00:50

I'm Scottish and I do it all the time smile

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