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Growing out hair colour - wash-out colours versus Aveda deposit?

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Neveradullm0ment Tue 01-Dec-15 15:08:35

Hairdresser advice please. I don't really want to be dark but the only way to cover up some bleached ends is with the one pot colour Nice and Easy stuff in light golden brown.
I eventually want to go back to highlights - probably will be next summer by the time all the colour has grown out. Can I use this type of colour every few weeks for a few months and then have highlights over them? I assume they wash out but if I use them a lot is that bad for my hair?
The other option is to have the Aveda deposit on my hair at the hairdresser. I'm told it fades, but is this a true temporary colour i.e. can I colour over it?
I'm trying to grow out all old colour in my hair - after breastfeeding and pregnancy hair loss to give it a break and start with fresh uncoloured hair next spring/summer.

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