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heated rollers for fine hair

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LexLoofah Tue 01-Dec-15 13:01:55

hello, am considering heated rollers to give a bit of volume and shape to my otherwise fine, straight hair. Thinking having a few in while I get on with morning routine will be more realistic than sitting there with a hand held wand/curler/hotbrush etc etc BUT worried they will be too heavy for my fine hair, just before I invest can any one advise if worth it? thnx

OldJoseph Tue 01-Dec-15 15:01:52

I used Babyliss heated rollers. They were OK but the shape didn't last BUT I do have very fine very straight hair. Also it took quite a bit of time in the morning to put them in, I wash my hair every day.

If I want more volume I use Babyliss root crimpers. They are quicker to use, cheaper and give volume rather than shape.

LexLoofah Mon 04-Jan-16 20:36:49

Thx, sorry for late reply, waited for some crimpers to come up on eBay and then no time to try out over Christmas. Anyway used them yesterday and panicked at first as could see the crimp marks and it all went a bit crystal tips and static-y but then it settled down after massaging a bit at roots with fingertips and def more volume all day long and even looked good when I got up this morning although I wash hair every day so it got washed out but yep they will do for when I want some oomph ta!

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