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Jumpers for tall men

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SilentNightHoHoHo Tue 01-Dec-15 12:17:01

Hi girls

DP is 6'5" with a long torso so all jumpers, t-shirts etc are too short on him. Buying bigger sizes doesn't seem to get you more length just more girth fwink. Any ideas for places that do a longer length? M&S do but the stuff's a bit uninspiring. Boden do long jackets but all other tops just come in one length - they obviously think tall men wear their jackets bare chested a la Darren Day!

Any ideas gratefully received! X

cressetmama Tue 01-Dec-15 12:39:29

I am afraid your only option is to go way upmarket of the high street. My DH is the same height and body shape as yours, possibly a bit wider grin. In winter he wears Guernseys for working in the cold, and I get them custom knitted by the factory in Guernsey. They just add an extra 5inches to the length for his size, which is at the top of the range. Otherwise, American, Scandi, German and Dutch brands seem to cater for tall chaps. However, your style aspirations may need to be reined back a bit. It's probably not what you wanted to hear, sorry.

claptomania Tue 01-Dec-15 19:14:38

Seconding the above - we have lots of luck with Swedish brand Wesc for my 6 4 partner

flightywoman Tue 01-Dec-15 20:08:25

Oh I have the same problem with himself, 6'4", no longer skinny though! And have you ever found anything with the right arm length? He just rolls short sleeves up.

And don't get me started on trousers! He doesn't wear jeans - or anything blue - so trouser shopping is both difficult and absurdly expensive...

SleepyForest Tue 01-Dec-15 20:15:40

I have found some good things at 2tall . They have some nice jumpers and hoodies in at the moment and the girav vests are excellent quality. They suit the tall but not wide.

carrie74 Tue 01-Dec-15 21:08:54

My 6'4" husband pretty much only wears Superdry jumpers. They don't seem to be short.

RaisingSteam Wed 02-Dec-15 23:00:50

DH has a lovely Paul Smith jumper that's fits him properly. Think it was from an outlet place. Also had a good one from the Levi's shop.

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