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Opinions please (boots again!)

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JaceLancs Mon 30-Nov-15 23:42:08

I'm looking for flat black suede or nubuck ankle boots to wear mainly with woolly tights and sweater dresses, maybe also jeggings - I am not keen on Chelsea boots and don't like elastication
Trying not to look too mumsy and don't want anything biker style as already have knee length black pair
My Dune ones from last year just got worn out and although I had them soled and heeled the lining has gone so they aren't comfy anymore

I could stretch to near to £100 if I use Xmas money but would prefer £75 or less

SpendSpendSpend Mon 30-Nov-15 23:50:44

I prefer the first ones

Runningupthathill82 Mon 30-Nov-15 23:52:43

I much prefer the KG ones to the Jasper Conran ones.
I think the Jasper Conran ones are firmly in "mum boot" territory, mainly due to the toe and heel. Plus the zip looks cheap and a bit odd.
The KG ones are the better of the two, by far.

polyhymnia Mon 30-Nov-15 23:53:02

Prefer the first - a bit like my black nubuck Zip Code ones from R and B, which I really like.

JaceLancs Tue 01-Dec-15 00:20:20

Polyhymnia have you got a link please?

polyhymnia Tue 01-Dec-15 14:15:11

Sorry I'm on my phone but just Google Russell and Bromley and Zip Code.

PollyPerky Tue 01-Dec-15 14:18:45

The 2nd pair look as if they are very deep in the foot- for someone with a high instep.

I think they might look clumpy with a dress but you'd need to try on.

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