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Is it worth having a 'treatment' at the hairdressers?

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walkingtheplank Sun 29-Nov-15 23:18:15

Having my haircut this week and feeling a bit bored by my hair, especially now I have a bit of grey starting to creep in. I am not looking to have it coloured but would like it to look a bit healthier. It is very thick and quite shiny and can become frizzy. It also gets quite greasy at the roots.

The treatments are £10 and seem to be aimed at thin/damaged/dry/coloured hair. Do salons not provide treatments for lack-lustre, tending to greasy hair?

I suspect hairdresser will say my hair is dry due to my age. I seem to have got to an age where assumptions are made about my skin, hair, even periods, because of my age. Hmmm, I'm sounding like a misery there. Perhaps the problem is that I am feeling like the world sees me as an old lady!

SheHasAWildHeart Mon 30-Nov-15 12:09:03

Have you tried coconut oil? Put some on your hair before bed and was in the morning?

I think getting anything done at the hairdressers instantly makes you and your hair feel better!

burnishedsilver Mon 30-Nov-15 12:40:10

My hairdresser talked me into a treatment (chroma something or other by Kerastasee). Never again. I had a head full of static for about 2 months after it.

A semi permanant colour makes my hair lovely and soft and glossy looking. I find it much better than any treatment.

FuckOffJeffrey Tue 01-Dec-15 00:29:15

I buy treatment packs from Sally's before and do it myself at home for a fraction of the price. The treatment really depends on what your hair needs. My hair is curly, dry and I dye it so I do a protein treatment every 6/8 weeks and it costs me about £2 a time vs £10 + at the hairdresser.

Kelsoooo Tue 01-Dec-15 00:39:40

Amazon do a keratin blow dry kit. About £25. its amazing.

VimFuego101 Tue 01-Dec-15 01:01:27

I don't think the ones hairdressers do are that great tbh, more a way of killing time if they aren't ready to cut your hair yet. I would buy a home treatment or put coconut oil on it at home.

howtorebuild Tue 01-Dec-15 01:10:04

Coconut oil in an oily scalp can help a little. I think it tricks the oil glands into calming down.

looki Tue 01-Dec-15 01:29:32

I've been persuaded to have them at the salon I go to.....they never made any sort of impression tbh. I now often get 'free' treatments which just mean the person I'm supposed to see next (usually the one cutting the hair) has overbooked/has been delayed etc. I personally would put in a deep intensive conditioner at home, wrap your hair in clingfilm and leave in for as long as possible and save yourself the money!

TelephoneIgnoringMachine Tue 01-Dec-15 01:35:01

Is your hair long or short? If it's long, or if you can tolerate conditioner on your scalp, I'd do this treatment. If you can't tolerate conditioner or oil on your scalp, just do it on your ends.

Holland & Barratt do a decent Aloe gel, you'll need to search a bit for the conditioner as almost all our UK brands have silicones in. Definitely avoid protein for a leave-in as it can make hair brittle if left in for very long

CallingAllEmergencyKittens Tue 01-Dec-15 08:50:46

Sometimes get a blow dry at place that offers an leave in treatment that has a 15min head massage included. That's worth it, so relaxing. If you just want a deep condition for your hair, think you're better doing something at home yourself. Although that Olaplex thing is meant to be worth it to rebuild damaged hair, but it is usually a lot more than a tenner.

RubberDicky Tue 01-Dec-15 09:20:47

Ive had them before and didn't notice a difference afterwards. I did enjoy the glass of wine they game me though!

walkingtheplank Tue 01-Dec-15 10:00:09

Thanks everyone for your comments - looks like a 'no' then.

itsbetterthanabox Tue 01-Dec-15 11:09:57

I had a collexia treatment after my last set of highlights. The treatment goes inside the hairdryer and then is blown onto the hair. It's probably a bit faddy but it wasn't much more and my hair felt and looked much softer and smoother. I quite like the idea of the hairdryer blowing the treatment on too! I had the hydration one. They also do a beauty one just for a real high shine for a night out and a repair one but my hair is dry but not damaged..

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