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Temporary hold ups

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Lucymatilde Sun 29-Nov-15 12:52:28

I prefer hold ups most of the time and wondered how long these last for others? One wear only before washing but after washing- gently - things seem to go downhill and I experience that jerk and then gradual slide during the morning. Often as I get up from sitting at my desk. I wondered how many uses others got? I often find the heavier denier the longer life.

Doobigetta Sun 29-Nov-15 13:02:14

I wore House of Fraser hold-ups all summer. Only one pair fell down on me, but they all, without fail, laddered after half a dozen wears.

LilyRose88 Sun 29-Nov-15 16:20:53

If you use fabric conditioner when you wash them, they will lose their 'stickiness' and fall down. I also find that some washing liquids like the gentle ones you use to wash woollens have the same effect.

Lucymatilde Sun 29-Nov-15 16:56:29

That's interesting Lily. I'll experiment

I always wear them and don't really have any problems. I buy fairly good quality ones, either Falke or Transparenze. I find that the thinner ones can ladder, like tights or stockings but that the thicker ones last for ages. If it's cold, perhaps oddly, I wear a sock inside them and that often stops my toes creating ladders.

I can wear them a couple of times inbetween washes and they retain their stickiness. I don't use fabric conditioner and don't moisturise before wear.

Lucymatilde Mon 30-Nov-15 07:04:28

That's interesting thank you Ifyoure. I am drawn to better brands but worry a little about the attrition rate. But at least with a ladder in one hold up the other lives on to fight another day. Can't quite imagine the sock thing. May the ask where you buy those brands?

MuttonWasAGoose Mon 30-Nov-15 23:36:00

A pair I bought recommend cleaning the rubbery bits with rubbing alcohol. I would, but I can't find it at the chemist's.

I keep meaning to try vodka.

Lucymatilde Tue 01-Dec-15 07:43:47

Interesting. Gin soaked hold ups.

Nabootique Tue 01-Dec-15 09:55:36

I get mine from Sainsburys and I have never had a pair slip down. I use fabric softener as well. They just keep going until they get a hole, but that doesn't happen often. I forget the denier though. Quite a thick one.

I've bought various sorts online from places like my tights and UK tights and stockings direct. There's so much more choice online. I bought online as I prefer navy blue or brown ones and they are hard to find in the shops.

Some of mine are fairly sheer but more often than not I wear opaques as like sheer tights sheer hold ups are prone to laddering.

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