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Mud Mask for 12 year old

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BravingSpring Sun 29-Nov-15 10:10:38

Has anyone used this Nuskin

I have a 12 year old with spots who isn't great at cleansing, I'm wondering if a weekly mask might help, but this is £25 plus p&p, so I'd like recommendations if possible.

It's advertised on facebook with some impressive photos, but it's Facebook, and there are lots of scams.

SheHasAWildHeart Sun 29-Nov-15 11:01:40

Body shop or lush? Speak to the staff and they'll be able to help.

SheHasAWildHeart Sun 29-Nov-15 11:04:32

Tbh as she's so young it's probably best to avoid anything too full of chemicals. Just getting into the habit of water plus clean face towel. Alternatively I've heard that Holland and Barratt do a natural tree tea soap bar that is good for spots and only costs a couple of quid.

Wolfiefan Sun 29-Nov-15 11:06:09

I would go with facia wash and clean muslin cloth. If you want a face mask I like Lush.

BravingSpring Sun 29-Nov-15 11:21:53

Lush is a good idea, forgot about that, I'll look in H&B also forgot they do skin care.

She has access to my Liz Earle cleanse and polish and Muslin cloths, it's just getting get to use them, I may have to nag. She's also got a simple cleaner and cotton pads.

I'm concerned she will want to start wearing make up at some point and I wanted a good cleansing routine in place first.

sksk Sun 29-Nov-15 12:05:48

Try something like fullers earth? I got some at my local Morrisons at the end of the aisle where they stock Indian skin and hair care. Some local Asian grocery shops stock it too. It's made by Ayumi and it hasn't got anything else in it

CallingAllEmergencyKittens Sun 29-Nov-15 14:25:52

I got this mask for dh as the Menaji range is aimed at men but it's so good I steal it myself. It has salicylic acid in it so great for spots. At first I put it on in thick layer and it was good, but then I read a review which mentioned that the best way to put it on is use a small amount and really massage it into the skin before letting it dry. It is £18 for a tube, but it has lasted me over 4 months with one use a week, so I think it works out. The fact you need to massage it in might help the penny drop re cleansing.

Cattier masks are also good. They are about £10 from Amazon, cheap as chips in french pharmacies but £10 is still very reasonable for what hey are- again tube lasts about 3 or 4 months being used once a week. I use the pink clay one (for sensitive skin), but the green one is for oily skin and the yellow one is for dry skin. They do a white clay scrub that is good too. the ones called masks have lactic acid in them, so really soften skin, but the ones called "clay, ready to use" don't if you want something simpler.

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