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How much make up have you got on the go? And do you ever finish anything?

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yellowvan Sun 29-Nov-15 09:49:53

I wondered this as i came home with yet another red lipstick so i counted up: 8 reds, 6 pinks and 2 neutrals, 6 eyeshadow pallettes, 16 single eyeshadows, 5 blushers and 3 bronzers. it will be out of fashion before I've used even a fraction of it. How much have you got? Will a new shade of brown change my life??

mrsmeerkat Sun 29-Nov-15 09:54:44

I have radically cut down on my make up stash and have two under two so paired things down

I have a hd brow set. Compact foundation. Two mascaras (I use a thickening an lengthening after each other) then a light pink clinique shadow and bronzer.

I keep a spare set in the car.

I need to buy a black liquid liner and then I am done.

I have the naked palette but I am not great at applying it so i must practise.

SuperFlyHigh Sun 29-Nov-15 09:56:21

I do have a fair bit of makeup.... The favourite lip shades are a nude in 2 colours, a sheer nude, 2 pinks, 3 red lip glosses etc.

I was getting a bit sick of being a slave to the makeup counters, not using much and it isn't cheap either (I like high end stuff!) so I simply stopped going to department stores with it in.

Also if I do go I have a very specific item I want if it's a new blusher etc.

I'm almost touching pan on a MAC creme blush I got which is a rarity for me,but unsure if it's 100% my colour. Love the finish though.

If I were you I'd go through what you use and what you buy when you're bored etc. I know I tend to reach for a sheer nude, the other 2 nudes etc day to day. I suit reds but they're a faff to put on every day! I buy pretty pinks as a cheer me up but they stay in my bag...

RoxieMia Sun 29-Nov-15 17:04:18

I generally use the same products every day so I tend to use them until they run out and only buy a new one then. I'm not the type of person to buy a new eyeshadow or lipstick as a treat. But I have a few bits that I've bought for one-off events, or were gifted, and I'll never fully use them but hang on to them anyway. And I have some products that I mostly use when travelling (e.g. switch to powder foundation instead of liquid).

I find I don't buy make up that often these days because of keeping it down to the essentials, and even if I buy good brands it means my overall makeup budget is quite small. It takes me a year or two to use up most products.

CointreauVersial Sun 29-Nov-15 17:10:35

Foundation, concealer and mascara - I have just one, which I use until it is finished, then I replace it.

Eyeshadows, pencils, nail varnish, lipstick - I have lots, and rarely finish any, apart from the odd favourite lipstick. I have the odd clearout and chuck anything too old and dried up.

EverybodyHatesATourist Sun 29-Nov-15 17:17:23

I used to be an absolute sod for buying make-up, never finishing anything and drawers stuffed full of it. As I've got older I can't get away with the colours I used to so have pared it down to mainly one set of products (with a few additions when I can't resist). The downside to this is when they discontinue something from my essential kit.

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