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Dress for a winter wedding (as a guest)

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TiredAndClueless Sat 28-Nov-15 22:57:11

I have a wedding to go to at end of Jan and I'm thinking I should try to get a dress while there are still black Friday sales on. Have only really worn sleeveless dresses to weddings before but would much rather wear something with sleeves - I tend to like 3/4 length sleeves. But I'm a bit clueless about what would work for a wedding.

Can anyone help!?

I'm 33, size 12, 5ft5, brown hair, still carrying a bit of baby weight around my tummy.

bookbook Sat 28-Nov-15 23:14:42

I'll start! don't know your budget but either of these?

TiredAndClueless Sat 28-Nov-15 23:27:06

Oo I do like that Jaeger one. I was hoping for under £100 but could stretch to £200 if necessary.

The other one - it somehow doesn't feel right wearing black at a wedding. But maybe that's just because I've only really been to summer weddings.

KateSpadeAddict Sat 28-Nov-15 23:56:40

This is really nice, not 3/4 length sleeve but you could end up too warm if it is a dance. It looks pretty versatile and you could accessorise with gold or silver or the teal colour itself to dress it up.

Love this too, main colour is black but flashes of brights that you could pick out for bag/shoes etc.

Lovely print

RubberDicky Sun 29-Nov-15 00:07:31

Jenny packham has a few nice ones, I like this one

TiredAndClueless Sun 29-Nov-15 00:15:19

I do like all of those ones but none of them feel quite right for me somehow! I think I'm quite fussy blush

KateSpadeAddict Sun 29-Nov-15 00:17:18

What kind of things do you currently own that you like to wear? What sleeveless dresses have you worn to other weddings? Might help get an idea of the kind of things you like? smile

TiredAndClueless Sun 29-Nov-15 00:41:33

For work I wear various dresses that are 3/4 sleeves, knee length and all very plain. For other weddings it has been mostly floral designs in muted colours and mostly quite structured styles.

Looking today, I liked this one,default,pd.html until I read the review.

I also quite like the look of some of the lacy dresses that are around at the moment but I guess they could be quite a common choice?

I also like this but I'm not quite sure about the black?
Although I would quite like something I could wear with black opaque tights and black shoes.

KateSpadeAddict Sun 29-Nov-15 00:53:11

So not what you’ve asked for at all but you could wear with black tights and shoes - I just really like it! Lovely colour!



Sallyhasleftthebuilding Sun 29-Nov-15 01:10:07

Theres a black one aswl

bookbook Sun 29-Nov-15 10:00:28

right, glad you liked the jaeger one - quite classic, and timeless. I like to think when i buy an 'occasion' outfit, I can re use a few times, rather than just sit in the wardrobe for another wedding smile
how about

or could you do a sleeveless dress, and add a jacket?

cathyandclaire Sun 29-Nov-15 10:08:23

This is similar to the Phase Eight one in shape

cathyandclaire Sun 29-Nov-15 10:11:44

I think black's ok if it's the background of a print but am ready for loads to disagree...

Narp Sun 29-Nov-15 10:15:06

Have a look at Phase Eight website more generally. The cut and length of their dresses is really flattering, IMO.

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