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Can I wear this Whistles dress now and if so how?

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Liveinthepresent Sat 28-Nov-15 18:09:18

Just ordered this whistles Lola dress - had a similar one in the summer and was hankering for navy for work... Anyway on the website its described as a summer dress - but surely I can wear it now can't I?
Only thing is am not too sure what with - opaques? Long boots ? Short boots ?
Really want to keep it but can't really have it languishing in my wardrobe for months.
Any ideas?

SwedishEdith Sat 28-Nov-15 18:19:57

It's very thin (can see through the model's legs) so I imagine it's not very warm. But for going out, why not?

Liveinthepresent Sat 28-Nov-15 19:04:05

Gosh yes I hadn't noticed that at all. Will have another look - it doesn't seem thin ( I have it already !) was hoping it could be a work dress.

WanderingTrolley1 Sat 28-Nov-15 19:07:47

You'll catch your death wearing that in this climate.

Judydreamsofhorses Sat 28-Nov-15 20:53:34

I'd wear it with a long-sleeved top underneath (like one of the Uniqlo heat-tech scoop necks), navy opaques and either biker or Chelsea boots. A grey marl top and tights might be good too? I wear a slip with absolutely every dress/skirt to stop them clinging to tights, that would stop the see-through bit. It's a lovely dress.

Greengardenpixie Sat 28-Nov-15 20:55:12

Its fine smile Wear it with leggings or ultra thick tights and boots and a cardi and you will be fine! I have loads of whistles dresses about the same thickness and wear them all the time.

Greengardenpixie Sat 28-Nov-15 20:55:52

Oh yes and a slip under it. I wear all my dresses with slips.

FellOffMyUnicorn Sat 28-Nov-15 20:58:06

it looks like an oversized shirt... not keen

Liveinthepresent Sun 29-Nov-15 09:20:53

Thanks for the replies - missed these last night. Hurrah I might be able to keep it now that a few of you have given me encouragement!
I really am not worried about being cold - am normally boiling in my office. ( and have a nice warm coat !) It was more about the right footwear for the dress as it's obviously needs a certain style.
Will try on again later with opaques etc.
Slip is a good idea.
I don't have biker or Chelsea boots but will see what other options I have. Would love a new pair of boots actually ...
Thanks again

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