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Anyone bought jewellery from this site?

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WhatamessIgotinto Fri 27-Nov-15 20:49:16

I really like the look of this jewellery, not yok expensive and v pretty. It's right up my street and wondered if anyone has experience of them re quality etc.?

WhatamessIgotinto Fri 27-Nov-15 20:51:44

Jbck Fri 27-Nov-15 21:36:00

Haven't bought from site but stuff is really cute and I've sent link to DH. You can return for a refund unless its earrings so you could give it a go or post on Scotsnet and see if anyone is nearby and could pop into the shop. Im not nearby and can't seem to get stockist link to work.
She has a Facebook page with lots of likes.

ginmakesitallok Fri 27-Nov-15 21:39:42

Haven't used it, but agree that there are some very cute things on there- I love the scribbles ring

ktmitchell73 Wed 02-Dec-15 14:08:51

I own lots of Linda Macdonald pieces as her workshop is in the same village as I live in! Quality is excellent and their customer service is fab. i highly recommend them. Hope that helps! smile

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