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Style me! I'm about go from being in an office based job to be a SAHM/ WAHM - what should I buy?

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MummyTheGregor Thu 26-Nov-15 22:29:14

I'm a size 20, aged 33 and large of arse and tit.... leaving an office job (in HR) to be a SAHM / WAHM setting up my own small craft business.... I only have work trousers and dresses (usually paired with knee boots) and then scruffy boyfriend jeans worn with striped tops and the odd hoody at the weekend....

I want to be comfy and practical but not scruffy or dowdy....def not dowdy.... infact a bit 'on trend' might be good!
Will you S&B-ers find me a 'capsule' wardrobe.... budget is low to mid high street
with the odd Boden level item thrown in.....

Thanks smile

Sparebutton Fri 27-Nov-15 00:08:20

First of all, congratulations on setting up your own business. I wish you well in your new venture / lifestyle. How exciting!

I have been self employed for 15 years and learnt early on that when I'm working at home, it's important to make an effort to dress nicely. When I don't bother, I just feel scuzzy.

I have a work 'uniform' of nice, comfortable jeans that I feel good in, and large, warm jumpers in the winter. I wear colorful scarves to keep cosy (cold house and stingy with the heating). Gap is a favorite source, as is M and S (stretch jeggings). I buy new items every so often just to introduce new colors or styles into my wardrobe. I occasionally wear skirts but the jeans and jumper combo is just so practical. In the summer, I switch to jeans and nice tops. I never wear t shirts or jogging bottoms type things as I just don't feel in working mode somehow. I wear make up and a puff of perfume most days.

DH works from home too and he happily stays in PJs all day. hmm

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