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piemaker Wed 25-Nov-15 23:20:13

I really like the clothes from Hush especially their jumpers, but I think the clothes are a little on the expensive side. Also their dresses and skirts are a bit too short for me.

Does anyone know of a good alternative for similar style?

Thanks in advance.

piemaker Thu 26-Nov-15 09:52:14


louloubelle2 Thu 26-Nov-15 10:09:39

Sorry to be blunt, but I don't see anything special about Hush at all. Their styling is fantastic, their creative director is obviously really good at his/her job, but if you break them down to the individual items they are pretty plain, normal clothes. Plus the quality is dire, so don't feel like you're missing out as they are not good value for money.

You can get exactly the same look from Marks and Spencer or some of the Debenhams concessions I would say. Or, look at eBay for actual Hush stuff, theres loads there, new and used.

Fingersmithismyfavourite Thu 26-Nov-15 10:13:23

I completely agree. I have several items from Hush - 2 t-shirt summer dresses and a couple of tops and a grey jumper with a blue star on the front. All looked fab on website and beautifula packaging but once washed they have stretched and become misshapen. The harems are the worst - i am quite petite - but wear a size 10 in most shops - but even the XS harems hang off me, only good for lounging about at home in. The epitomy of styling over substance. Avoid!!

piemaker Thu 26-Nov-15 10:37:10

Thanks both, I am very bad for falling for styling :-( I like just having a small like selection to choose from. When I go somewhere big like Marks and Spencer, I just get confused by all the selections and never end up buying anything.

I wish I have good taste like the women who always end up picking the stylish things from big shop.

Lalsy Thu 26-Nov-15 10:39:26

Piemaker, that is exactly what happens to me too. I have a few Hush things that have lasted very well though. I would love a small selection to choose from.

SeekEveryEveryKnownHidingPlace Thu 26-Nov-15 10:48:35

I've got a jumper from there that's gone a bit baggy at the cuffs, but then all my jumpers do because I stupidly push them up! I love everything else I've got from Hush, though - especially jersey dresses with loose tops and fitted skirts - and have found it pretty good quality, actually. I must buy from there so intermittently that I'm hitting on the right things by chance.

However, I don't think my DP likes any of my Hush clothes - he notably observed of one dress that I was hankering after that he could make me a better dress out of a bin bag!

louloubelle2 Thu 26-Nov-15 10:54:43

piemaker You are right, M&S is a good example of the complete opposite to Hush in terms of styling, and is a nightmare to shop, both online and in store. In fact, I went in yesterday wanting to check out their black leggings, I knew they did about 6 different versions, dotted all over the shop. So I just went up to (one of the very few) floor assistants and asked her to point me to the best selling and the ones she thought were the best as it was quicker! But an M&S rant is another thread, back to Hush....

Hush essentially do basic classics (expensive and with very few natural fibres. Check out the fabric content of their jumpers for £75+...) so perhaps narrow your search to those sections of normal high street stores. Plain mid weight jumpers, skinny jeans and leggings, plain jersey dresses and ankle boots seem to be their signature look. Stick to black, grey, navy, burgundy and khaki colours.

piemaker Thu 26-Nov-15 11:09:03

Thanks all lovely ladies :-)

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