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Opinions on this dress please

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ChesterFuckingDraws Wed 25-Nov-15 14:38:40

Thoughts on this dress for a wedding guest

I'm 32, 5ft8, size 16 and normally allergic to colour and dressesblush
Due to larger boobs the wrap front is slightly lower than on the picture (not indecent though) and dress is just below knee length. Have 4inch black heels, large black clutch and a black pashmina.
Need to look pretty damn good as first time out with DH work colleagues.

strawberryandaflake Wed 25-Nov-15 14:50:52

It's pretty and quite flattering. I know it's black which is normally not good for a wedding but the roses on it really brighten it up. I say go for it smile

hellsbellsmelons Wed 25-Nov-15 15:12:19

Nice - my kind of dress (although I'm quite a bit older than you)
It will be flattering - I have a few dresses very similar.
It's a bargain as well.

ChesterFuckingDraws Wed 25-Nov-15 16:22:16

Thank you.
Do you think it's maybe a bit old? I think the sleeves and length maybe age it?
I bloomin hate dresses!

hellsbellsmelons Wed 25-Nov-15 16:47:24

I think you need to try it on and see what it looks like.
I'm heading towards 50.
You are far younger and could carry off something better I think.
do you have good legs?
THIS was mentioned in another thread - embrace the colour!
pricey but pretty
colour again
love this

SandunesAndRainclouds Wed 25-Nov-15 16:50:34

I can make out a weird teddy or something from the pattern... I like the shape of the dress but not the print, sorry. I agree with hellsbells that you could pull off something much younger.

ChesterFuckingDraws Wed 25-Nov-15 17:05:29

Unfortunately my legs are horrible so the length is definitely needed.
I have the dress, emergency purchase as wedding is this weekend and it was the best of a bad bunch really, a lot of LBD and lots of glitter due to time of year.
High necks make me look huge, I mean even bigger than I already am.
Think I'll need to brave the shops on Friday and see if there's anything else

SpaghettiMeatballs Wed 25-Nov-15 17:18:05

I like it. I'd say go for it.

ChesterFuckingDraws Thu 26-Nov-15 14:18:57

Thanks, I'm so undecided! Tried it in again and like the style but think it's the pattern that's putting me off. I've got 3hrs on Friday that I think I'll go look for something else but it won't be the end of the world if I have to wear it.
It's now complicated by the fact I think I've broken my toe so will need to rethink my shoes or pop painkillers to be able to wear the ones I planned

hellsbellsmelons Thu 26-Nov-15 14:26:20

Have a look at chi chi clothing they sell on ASOS and ASOS do overnight delivery if you don't fancy wandering around shops on Friday.
I've put on a bit of weight recently and like to try before I buy now.
Good luck tomorrow!

ChesterFuckingDraws Thu 26-Nov-15 14:35:19

I'll have a look, thanks.

PrimalLass Thu 26-Nov-15 16:12:55

I think the bit of the print around the crotch looks a bit iffy.

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