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Help! Bump-disguising work clothes

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sparechange Wed 25-Nov-15 10:18:46

I'm 8 weeks and showing, and need to keep this a secret from work until the near year, after pay reviews have been finalised.

I've got a couple of shirt dresses that I'm rotating, and a tunic dress that I wear with a belt and hoik up the skirt to create a peplum effect, but need buy a few smart (and cheap) things to see me through the next few weeks, preferably without any sort of waistband, because anything pressing on my stomach sets my morning sickness off.

I've got a few pairs of black trousers to wear with baggy tops, but am usually a dress wearer. And all my maternity dresses scream 'maternity' so I don't want to break those out just yet.

Does anyone have any ideas?! I'm in central London, so have access to most shops, and am happy to buy online... Help!

Ifiwasabadger Wed 25-Nov-15 10:21:18

I kept my Pregnancy a secret at work too until I was Six months, it was remarkable easy. When I told people they were dumbfounded.

Swing dresses (lots on asos) are great with a blazer and long scarf. I did wear lot of scarves. Untucked shirts and trousers with flowing cardigans. Long line jackets too.

Autumn2014 Wed 25-Nov-15 10:27:08

Anything boxy or square shape rather than empire style that will highlight your bump. I've found chunky knits helpful for this stage. I've got some cardigans that are quite bulky and hide my shape. Good luck

IlonaRN Wed 25-Nov-15 14:50:58

I bought a maternity skirt from eBay that was in knitted cotton - the panel didn't squish at all. I then wore my normal shirts over it (untucked, but I didn't normally tuck them in anyway).

I told my boss at 13 weeks, but didn't tell the others in my team until 21 weeks, and they hadn't noticed a thing.

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