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Post babies boobs

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taybert Wed 25-Nov-15 08:54:19

I've had two babies in 2 years and breastfed them both. Pre pregnancy I was a 30e, have been up as far as 30g/h whilst breastfeeding, back down to a 30dd between feeding/next pregnancy (for a couple of months) then all the way back up and down again. I stopped feeing the second one a couple of months ago (after a year) and my boobs are showing some signs of wear......
I've got millions of bras in different sizes but they just don't work any more. I tended to go for a moulded plunge style and do have some consecutive sizes but neither fit- I spill out of the e but the f gapes. The e probably fits better but I get an attractive fold where I've gathered myself in....I seem to have lost volume at the top of you see what I mean. Nice.
They're obviousoy just the wrong shape for me now but I'm stuck as to what to go for. Ideally I'd go and be fitted properly but I'm really rural (we did used to have a nice lingerie shop in the town nearby but they've moved sad) and with two small boys a trip bra shopping to a city isn't going to be much fun. My plan is to go mad with a figleaves code and try on loads at home but anyone any idea what might work shape wise?
Any ideas greatly appreciated!

Totallyaddictedtoshoes Wed 25-Nov-15 11:30:05

I'm exactly the same, you need a half cup or balconette. I lean towards half cup. Bravissimo do some good ones, the freya brand is always great for me. Although at a 30f I don't need padding I find a padded half cup gives a better shape.

superbfairywren Wed 25-Nov-15 12:16:17

I'm in a similar situation, boobs are just entirely different shape and size from breastfeeding and weight gain/loss. I am just thinking about stopping breastfeeding now DD is going to be one as she only feeds once a day now.

I wear a full cup bra that fits okay(think its the gorgeous debenhams range) but i think half cup or balconette will fit me better. You can normally get good discounts and free delivery/free returns with figleaves so i think thats your best option if you dont want to traipse your kids to a departnent store or bravissimo.
Have yours changed much size wise since stopping feeding? I'm not sure how long to wait to get new bras!

taybert Wed 25-Nov-15 15:16:06

Thanks, I'll order a few balcony or half cup and try. totally are there any freya ones in particular that work well? superb we were down to one feed a day and I don't think he was taking much so other than about a week of nice boobs whilst my milk disappeared, they're pretty much the size they would be post feed. Boo! sad

The Freya padded half cups are good - the Patsy is one of them (once you've seen one you'll recognise the cup shape in various fabrics)

helloelo Thu 26-Nov-15 18:04:31

Do try some Curvy Kate ones as well. I tend to find their full cups (Princess) offer a lot of support and their padded ones are very forgiving.

ChocolateIsNotSleep Thu 26-Nov-15 23:01:57

Hi, much the same here! I recently bought a flirtelle bra from brastop and liked it so much I bought it in another colour! It was a bargain too which is even better. They have a huge choice.

I tend to buy loads of styles in a few sizes on my credit card, try them on and send back the failures. If I like a bra I'll try it on for a bit longer to make sure it doesn't start rubbing anywhere after 10 minutes - had that too many times after being too quick to remove the tags!

Jibberjabberjooo Thu 26-Nov-15 23:55:19

If by some chance you can ever get in to your nearest city, it's really worth getting fitted. Bravissimo were excellent and I won't shop anywhere else now. M&S have a terrible reputation.

I went from a c to an f! But I have well fitting bras now!

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