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please, please help me find shoes/boots?

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gladisgood Tue 24-Nov-15 17:16:09

I'm trying to find new footwear as I managed to badly injure my ankle.

The very good news is the surgery went well, I'm out of hospital and hobbling about. The bad news is that the ankle is very misshapen and swollen and won't fit in any of my normal shoes - ever.

I am living in jeans as I can only wear trainers. (loafers/courts don't give enough support)

I haven't a clue about what to wear at Christmas.

What kind of shoes/boots can I wear without looking like a frump with my party dresses? I do have some nice trousers and tops as a back-up, but still don't know what to wear on my feet!

Must be flat or with a low heel - also easy access e.g. a long zip to make it easy to get on as I can't flex that foot. Also quite "roomy" as the ankle is so swollen. I'm destined for old lady shoes, aren't I? sad

Please help me find some stylish, comfy shoes/boots that will look OK at a party/restaurants?

Trying my pre-accident boots/shoes on made me feel like Ugly Sister trying to wedge my fat hoof into a glass slipper!

TheGirlOnTheLanding Wed 25-Nov-15 13:09:09

Sorry to hear of your injury, and glad it's on the mend. I'm afraid I don't have any recommendations but watching with interest as I've a chronic health condition which means my ankles are permanently puffy and I'd be delighted to hear of boots that might fit! Am sure someone with a helpful suggestion will be along soon.

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