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Dress/outfit for Camden club

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sky1010 Tue 24-Nov-15 08:10:18

Assistance required.

Going to a Camden nightclub this Friday and I am a bit stuck on what to wear. Usually a casual cami and jeans would be fine for all of the bars in the area, but this is quite a trendy club and a big birthday for a friend so I'd like to make an effort.

I'm looking for a pretty dress, playsuit or maybe a statement skirt that I can wear with what I have already. I have plenty of neutral camis, crop tops, bags and shoes.

I am early twenties, size 12, no parts I want to cover up. HoC Autumn.

ItGoesWithoutSaying Tue 24-Nov-15 16:14:39

I bought this playsuit at the weekend. Looked pretty good on. So much so that DH who was with me when I tried it on offered to buy it for me.

I tried it (and will wear it) with 100 denier opaques, however.

Twinklestein Tue 24-Nov-15 17:51:17

I'd say that's a bit Essex for Camden, you need something edgier.

sky1010 Tue 24-Nov-15 19:27:04

I do like that

I get what you are saying Twinkle, but with some tights and clompy chelseas- it should dress it down a bit

Yseulte Tue 24-Nov-15 19:55:25

Have you got a black biker?

sky1010 Tue 24-Nov-15 20:24:31


Yseulte Tue 24-Nov-15 20:41:26

You could wear it with a black biker and heeled Chelsea boots.

ItGoesWithoutSaying Wed 25-Nov-15 08:40:21

Haven't worn it myself yet but was planning on putting it with something like these boots and a black biker! Great minds, etc.

WhyDoesGastonBark Wed 25-Nov-15 09:10:09

Jeans & a cami will be fine for camden if that is what you are comfortable in as in camden anything goes. I go out up town, mostly north (camden) south east or south west, often as I live SE and I almost always wear a dress and just adjust my shoes/accessories/hair/makeup accordingly.

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