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Corset help please!!

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SnowBodyforrrrm Mon 23-Nov-15 20:59:20

Has anyone worn a corset under a dress before, that could recommend one?

I am going to the Roman Baths for NYE for a black tie dinner and dance. I have a few lovely dress options, only I put on 2st over the summer while on steriods for an illness.

I'm not going to be looking my best by NYE as the weight is coming off a lot slower then it went on unfortunatly. Plus I had a craniotomy which needed the whole front of my head to be shaved leaving with me with a fetching Alice band effect which is now growing back (directly upwards.) Obviously my appearance is small fish after all I've been through, but I'd like to feel nice for one night. I've treated myself to a hairdresser when we get there who can hopefully fashion something from my tufty hair regrowth.

If I can find a great corset, it would definitley help me feel better about myself, so any recommendations would be so gratefully received!

I have a lovely underbust corset from Orchard Corsets which is good under clothes, and you still wear a proper bra with it .

Dowser Tue 24-Nov-15 08:28:07

Awww. I'm sorry I can't help you there. The last time I saw corsets was in the x catalogue store and our local one closed two years ago. I do seem to remember one from the Gok wan range.

Anyhow I hope you have a lovely time, feel wonderful and continue to bask in glorious good health ;-)

Dowser Tue 24-Nov-15 08:29:33

Are these any good.

Dowser Tue 24-Nov-15 08:34:11

Or where you thinking something a bit more sassy!

Warning nipple tassels lol

StUmbrageinSkelt Tue 24-Nov-15 08:36:01

Don't buy online, have it properly fitted by someone who knows what they are doing.

I can't recommend one though in the UK.

Dowser Tue 24-Nov-15 08:47:02

Rugby and pellet....corset makers to the queen ?

Dowser Tue 24-Nov-15 08:47:40

Noooo! Rigby and peller

Dowser Tue 24-Nov-15 08:52:39

Wonder if they've stopped doing corsets . Can only see shape wear.

There's this one

Seeyounearertime Tue 24-Nov-15 09:28:40
This is a great site all bout corsets and waist training etc etc.
She does review vids and guides and all that helpful stuff.

Where to buy is more difficult as it depends what you're looking for.
Fashion corsets offer little reduction and can be bought almost anywhere. Theyre usually plastic boned with designs etc.
Steel boned offer more reduction and can be bought in lots of places like Amazon, London Corsetry, Corset Story etc. These have to purchased in lone with the websites size guides and not necessarily to the size you think so be careful there.
At the high end you have proper waist training and tight lacing Corsetry, these are tough work and not really for occasional or one off use, especially waist training ones. These are designed for everyday, almost 24/7 wear. They'll eventually get tighter and tighter and can change your body shape with extended use.
Tight lacing is after waist training and can give you the tiny tiny waist but can also cause damage if you haven't trains for it.
I think that's all correct. grin
I think Lucy's Corsetry should have all the info you need. smile

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