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good 'nude' tights recommendation please

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Chapsie Mon 23-Nov-15 10:17:39

I'm need some good quality nude tights for an evening event. I always end up with ones that are far too pale. Any recommendations? They need to be a good natural tan colour and to go with a navy cocktail dress

beguilingeyes Thu 26-Nov-15 15:33:34

Aristoc Illusion, they're amazing. I've been wearing them for years. I buy them in bulk

Tate15 Thu 26-Nov-15 15:58:21

M&S lots of shades, denier thickness and styles. Something for everyone and inexpensive.

They even do tights for sandals so that your toes are bare!

gininteacupsandleavesonthelawn Thu 26-Nov-15 16:01:20

M&s invisibles

notafanofwinter Thu 26-Nov-15 19:03:18

Don't buy John Lewis Natural, they make my legs look like pasty sausages grin.

polyhymnia Thu 26-Nov-15 23:11:12

M and S Autograph .

bookbook Thu 26-Nov-15 23:14:44

Wolford every time - expensive, but worth every penny

bookbook Thu 26-Nov-15 23:16:14

lots of shades and types , but something like this

gonegrey56 Fri 27-Nov-15 06:14:55

Agree with Wolford recommendation - shade Cosmetic works for me (I am very fair /pale) - it looks very natural on me

Lidlfix Fri 27-Nov-15 06:31:11

Try nude fishnets (dance quality if you can ) they are so much more flattering than conventional tights. They are much more subtle than black fishnets and shape the leg rather than encasing it in pasty shininess

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