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Best slippers?

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EarSlaps Mon 23-Nov-15 09:37:23

I'm going to get some posh slippers for Christmas, but I'm dithering over what sort to get!

I have wooden floors through the house, so I'd like something nice and grippy. My feet can tend to get a bit stinky, so natural fibres would be best (maybe washable?). Preferably a hard sole so I can pop out to the bins etc without having to take them off. Obviously must be soft and comfy and feel like walking on clouds. Also, some sort of grip at the heel (or at least snug around there) as I always feel a bit unsafe going up and down the stairs with slippers flapping about.

Budget is probably up to about £60 or £70. Any suggestions?

Libitina Mon 23-Nov-15 10:04:05

I'm getting some Ugg Dakota moccasin style slippers for xmas. They were bought in a Ugg outlet for about £60.

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