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James Read fake tan

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ChocolateIsNotSleep Sun 22-Nov-15 21:40:58

Have seen good reviews for this - has anyone used it? I occasionally use St tropez gradual tan mousse but am going to Thailand in a week and really need to do something drastic about my skimmed-milk blue/white legs! Can you really wash it off after an hour? Is it a good colour for very pale skin?

Any other recommendations gratefully received!

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 22-Nov-15 22:14:16

It's sold on QVC , the reviews are mixed.
I always think poor reviews are a lot to do with application though.
If you apply it wrong, even the most expensive fake tan can look rubbish.
Never tried JR myself but I did buy some St Tropez for my navy blue legs (I'd take a week of tanning to go milkblue/white wink ) applied with a mitt.

I really liked it. (Tried to get the shower- in but it was only in Boots)

ChocolateIsNotSleep Mon 23-Nov-15 15:08:53

I've tried the shower one from St Tropez - three days of applications and absolutely no sign of any colour apart from a slightly yellow patch on one knee! Was also put off by the standing around wet in a bathroom - and this was in summer - I think 3 minutes now and I'd be an interesting shade of purple all over!

Hmm, I may just stick with the St Tropez one that I know!

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