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... and face serum. What is it for?

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MissPoodle Sun 22-Nov-15 20:09:58

Toner I understand. But serum?

DraenorQueen Sun 22-Nov-15 20:14:11

I'm with you, OP. I bought some because colleagues pretty much insinuated that if I don't start using serum my whole face will collapse like a rubber mask. But as far as I can see it does absolutely fuck all!

Floisme Sun 22-Nov-15 20:19:08

It minimises the appearance of wrinkles. Same as moisturiser.
But skin care companies make more money if they can get us to buy two products instead of one.

beguilingeyes Thu 26-Nov-15 15:48:40

Serum is for specific skin problems, dehydration, oiliness etc. It's more of a treatment. Moisturiser is the protection that gors over the top.

ZaraW Fri 27-Nov-15 07:07:53

I have oily skin and serum and moisturiser is too much. I just use serum and definitely noticed an improvement.

Kennington Fri 27-Nov-15 07:16:44

I get a good case of blackheads if I apply serum
It is too much
I do like a little acid toner and facial oil buy hyluronic acid serums and the like break me out
They are mainly full of silicones too which is no use to anyone

BumbleNova Fri 27-Nov-15 10:15:05

it really depends on your skin type. serums are the bit in your skincare that "fixes" things. I have dry dehydrated skin and moisturiser alone just didnt cut it. serum has totally changed my skin for the better. there is no way I would not use it now.

if its giving you blackheads its the wrong product for your skin.

what is your skin like OP?

Wolpertinger Fri 27-Nov-15 10:21:52

It depends on the serum. There are hyrating serums, peptide serums, retinol serums, serums that are actually oils etc etc.

When people ask 'what's a good serum' they are really asking the wrong question as there are so many different sorts of serum.

And toner should have acid in it or its just a marketing ploy grin

TimeToMuskUp Fri 27-Nov-15 10:22:31

I use ESPA's serum in place of moisturiser and love it. No idea what it does; I got a free sample a while back and fell in love. My morning routine is hot cloth cleanse with Liz Earle, Pixi toner and ESPA serum. My skin hasn't ever looked so lovely, it's worth finding one to suit.

Dietcherrycola Sat 28-Nov-15 18:12:53

I have stopped using mine as I found something better for my (dry) skin. Coconut oil at night. Really noticeable results - plumper, fresher looking skin. Cheap too.

Hatethis22 Sat 28-Nov-15 18:14:51

FreeButtonBee Sat 28-Nov-15 23:04:58

I have completely come around to £££ serum and dirt cheap moisturiser. Totally makes sense to me. Well my £££ serum is £20-30 or so and cheap is less than a tenner!

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