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Roman Originals

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goddessofsmallthings Sun 22-Nov-15 19:18:51

There are some godawful unappealing items on this website but this is a little gem and at £9 with free standard delivery it's a bargain buy.

The port colour is richer and deeper than it appears on my monitor. It's knitted from 2 different yarns, one of which has a silky texture that gives it a slightly 'shaggy' look.

The little red sequins are randomly placed and twinkle most appealingly with any movement - this gives it a far more subtle look than the 'in your face' glitz of some sequinned items.

The sizes appear to be true and are possibly a little on the generous side, which makes a refreshing change from some manufacturers.

I've bought it in port for myself as it will be perfect for pub lunches and other casual events during the festive season, and have purchased two as gifts for friends who I'm not likely to meet up with over the holidays. smile

Sadly it's no longer available in black, but I was able to buy the also sold-out blue from RO's eBay outlet when the price was £15 which led me to look on the website for more.

Fwiw, a colleague has a faux fur coat from RO and it's beautifully made with good quality furrier hooks.

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