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Anyone 20% off M&S online purchases knocking about? Thanks

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ShmooBooMoo Sun 22-Nov-15 17:52:09


louloubelle2 Sun 22-Nov-15 19:04:10

I want one too, so I hope so. I only know of the 20% off in store till 24th automatically applied with the sparks card.

Higge Sun 22-Nov-15 20:05:18

i don't want to sign up to the sparks card as they send you junk texts and snail mail - I hate getting both.

ShmooBooMoo Sun 22-Nov-15 20:23:27

You can buy instore (20%) off now until 23rd of Nov without one (there is a voucher online you can print out if you do a search). I need online though. I don't want to sign up for a Sparks card either...but thanks smile

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