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What will flatter my post-natal body? (Don't say nothing!)

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poocatcherchampion Fri 20-Nov-15 18:26:28

Just had dc3 5 weeks ago, I desperately need some more clothes as nothing is very nice for the next 9mo of maternity leave.

Today I bought a flowy jumper - large, a red T-shirt with embellishments - medium and a stripey flowy top - large. All h&m. All Too tent-like or too tight.

I appreciate my body will shrink but I can't wait too long. I need clothes. Iook like a rsg bag all the time.

What should I be looking out for?

poocatcherchampion Fri 20-Nov-15 18:28:15

Sorry - posted in haste. Was going to add pleasantries around all help gratefully received..

Oly5 Fri 20-Nov-15 21:45:51

I was in your position a year ago (albeit in summer) and I wore a lot of wide leg drawstring trousers and t shirts, bought cheaply from next. In this cold weather i would buy stretchy jeans or leggings in a bigger size (Dorothy Perkins have great twenty quid ones), long sleeved tops and chunky cardigans in your normal size so you can still wear them when your body shrinks. Cheap jeans and long sleeved tops can be picked up easily. Buy a few overly statement necklaces too to jazz things up

Oly5 Fri 20-Nov-15 21:46:34

Lovely not overly!

poocatcherchampion Fri 20-Nov-15 22:16:04

Disaster! You've just described my existing wardrobe! I want to branch out. Should i not?

CakeInMyFace Sat 21-Nov-15 17:35:22

Im 10 weeks post c section and I bought a couple of lovely tunic dresses from joules that I wear with leggings and a chunky cardigan. Also bought a grey jumper dress from fat face and a tunicy type jumper from fst face. My other purchase was a denim shirt dress from boden. All worn with tan slouchy boots. I was a size 8 before into a size 12 to 14 now so I feel your pain! Im very petite so extra weight really shows. Hope the above helps although still not v exciting! X

MamaDuckling Sat 21-Nov-15 17:39:03

How about some blocky straight cut dresses (NOT tunics!) over leggings? I'm living in this combo at work as I approach maternity leave, but getting away with some of my pre pregnancy dresses...
And yes to a statement necklace or two!

0dfod Sat 21-Nov-15 20:13:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

poocatcherchampion Sun 22-Nov-15 07:39:11

It is hard to find such dresses/tunics with buttons etc for breastfeeding in. Is the consensus that they flatter? I dotn want to look like a whale!

NewBallsPlease00 Sun 22-Nov-15 07:46:33

I'm 4wk post natal, bf and wearing filling ind of combos- all have vest under for easy discreet feeling and usually a scarf if some kind again for feeding ease and it's also bloody cold!
skinnies with leather block boots and over sized jumper
Blk skinnies with oversized shirt- shirt buttoned through fully patterns usually polka dot or washed out denim
Chinos with rolled ankle, layered jersey tops worn with statement something eg neon nails/ leopard shoes etc
Leggings under contemporary tunic or dress in knit or jersey ie cos all saints etc
All have to be able to be easy access and I prefer lifting to unbuttoning hence no dresses...
Colour palette is very tight/
Monochrome, navy, grey Marl
Accessories are interesting or splash of colour
Overal style is probably more contemporary classic think Swedish- cos: and other stories or j crew/ Sandro

Tanaqui Sun 22-Nov-15 07:51:17

If you are breast feeding I would go for cheapish jeans (skinny or slim if they flatter you), a long stretchy vest with a slightly shorter shirt/ t shirt / top over (so you get a contrast colour at the hem), scarf or cardi or wrap if cold. Then when feeding top comes up and vest pulls down so nothing shows!!

MamaDuckling Sun 22-Nov-15 08:55:16

Ah yes, sorry, if you're BF then best bet is skinny jeans, long nursing best (H&M do black and white multipacks), then a loose top over the vest. As PP has said, Cos great for nicer ones, whistles also have loose square tops that will flatter if you're wearing skinny jeans!

PetShopGirl Sun 22-Nov-15 09:07:27

I liked skinny jeans/jeggings and baggyish jumpers, or particularly sweatshirts, that have a waistband. And a vest underneath for bfing. I found that much more flattering than flowy tops as the sweatshirt would come out from my boobs and skim over my belly before coming back in again - kind of giving the net effect of no belly. Add some cool trainers (great for tramping the streets with pram) and you're good to go.

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