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Heat protection sprays that sizzle

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Marmaladybird Fri 20-Nov-15 10:37:07

I'm trying to treat my hair better so I've been using the Mark Hill one. I hate the sizzling noise and I feel like I'm doing more harm than good.

Do these really make a difference? I hate the way they make my hair feel but I'm scared on the ends all thinning again.

If I had nicer hair, I'd let it dry naturally but it's really not a pretty sight.

Can anyone confirm that the sizzle isn't actually hurting my hair or recommend a good product. I'd pay up to £30-ish but obviously I'd rather pay much less.

Marmaladybird Fri 20-Nov-15 10:38:58

Sorry, should have said, my hair is fine and processed - so oily roots but dry ends. has a natural ratty and fluffy curl that isn't uniform, so I have some bits straighter than others.

GoneAndDone Fri 20-Nov-15 12:31:12

Thr sizzle is because your hair is still wet from the product. A bit like putting something into a hot frying pan.

I usually spritz a heat protection spray before getting dressed and it dries by the time I straighten my hair.

Marmaladybird Fri 20-Nov-15 12:32:31

It says on the bottle to spray and straighten immediately but I don't trust it. It doesn't seem right.

Whatthefreakinwhatnow Fri 20-Nov-15 12:40:59

Don't worry, it's totally fine, it's just because they are ridiculously hot. It's the same as running water into a hot frying pan. It sounds bad but it's really not.

I've noticed my hair is in much better condition since using one smile

LocalEditorEssex Fri 20-Nov-15 12:45:27

I use l'oreal extraordinary oil for coloured is amazing.

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