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Trying to find actual proper jeans - does such a thing exist anymore??

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RiverTam Wed 18-Nov-15 21:43:31

I'm trying to find some reasonably high waisted, properly skinny jeans made out of actual denim. Do denim jeans still exist? I've done some browsing at the bottom end of the market (eg New Look) and all their 'jeans' feel like jeggings to me. Gap do denim jeans but their skinniest jeans aren't that skinny.

I'd be prepared to spend a good amount of money on the right pair but I wondered if I'm looking for something that doesn't actually exist!

I'd be grateful for any help. I'm in London so can get to most stores.

ChristmasPartyDress Wed 18-Nov-15 21:45:30

Next waist enhancer

RiverTam Wed 18-Nov-15 21:46:49

Are they proper denim and skinny? I've had a look in Next this week and couldn't see any that were?

PacificDogwod Wed 18-Nov-15 21:48:13


Their 'Real Straight' jeans are the biz.

FuckyNell Wed 18-Nov-15 21:48:08

Mint velvet jeans are nice. I'll find a link

SwearyGodmother Wed 18-Nov-15 21:49:12

I bought pairs in Mango and Zara last year that are denim rather than Lycra - they don't do the too-much-elastane rippling that most skinny jeans do, though had to sort through a lot of skin tight stuff to find them.

I don't know if they've changed them this year (as they always do with good stuff) but Mango are selling the same style this year - the Olivia - though I can't find the Zara ones. If the Mango ones are different it might be worth looking on their outlet site for last year's stock.

FuckyNell Wed 18-Nov-15 21:51:43

mint velvet

FuckyNell Wed 18-Nov-15 21:52:26

I have the Olivia too however they're a bit low waisted for me

patterkiller Wed 18-Nov-15 21:57:10

I've sent two pairs of Next waist enhancers back, two hours on and they bagged badly.

RiverTam Thu 19-Nov-15 09:32:24

Thanks everyone. I have the Gap jeans mentioned but they're not skinny (even Gap 'skinny' jeans aren't skinny). The Mint Velvet ones look good.

I wondered what brands like G Star are like, anyone know?

FreiasBathtub Thu 19-Nov-15 10:12:22

Try J Crew? The toothpick ones are skinniest if I remember right. If you can find a way to get them from the States they are much more reasonable.

RiverTam Thu 19-Nov-15 11:14:50

Thanks! There's a JCrew on Sloane Square, I'll go and have a mosey.

rubybleu Thu 19-Nov-15 11:24:43

I bloody love J Crew high waisted skinnies. They wash and wear very well and are oh so flattering over the bum. They are definitely 'proper' denim and properly skinny.

My DP is currently on his way back from the States with 2 new pairs for me - the poster above is right that they are much cheaper bought there.

RiverTam Thu 19-Nov-15 11:31:11

Hmm, maybe I'll have to try and butter up one if my American Tumblr chums. Though tbh I'm so desperate I'll pay damn near anything to get a decent pair!

Ilovetorrentialrain Thu 19-Nov-15 20:13:39

I can't help OP but thanks for starting this thread and I'll watch with interest. Those Lycra type ones look fab for first try on in the changing room then seem to go downhill rapidly after about an hour of wear (once tags are off and non-returnable of course) - meaning I need to constantly hoik them up to avoid builder's bum or baggy crotch situation.

RiverTam Thu 19-Nov-15 20:23:25

I've never actually bought a pair. I try them on and think a) a gynaecologist couldn't see more than what I appear to be showing and b) there is no way these will keep me warm in winter.

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